Wholesale Business Opportunities in Ghana

    Wholesale Business Opportunities In Ghana

    You are welcome again to TLP, in this guide, we’d like to pinpoint some wholesale Business opportunities in Ghana you can tap into today and make money.

    In today’s guide, I want to share with you some of the wholesale business opportunities and investment ideas in Ghana especially for foreigners in the country.

    Ghana is a notable country from west Africa. For the country said to have diverse mineral resources, a steady supply of electricity and vast booming one in the cocoa industry and also a government that is consistent in its policies they also have a very friendly business atmosphere and much more interesting the country is a free trade zone for foreign organizations so no doubt Ghana is one of the top west African countries they can do business in 2021.

    However, our goal in this post is to share with you some wholesale business ideas that you can put up in Ghana in 2021 to make a good investment.

    Looking at the current economic situation in Ghana. finding a credible and secure investment can be somewhat a challenging task considering the current economic situation of the West African country Ghana, for you to build a successful business or company demand is a strong financial stand and good business knowledge.

    But you will agree with me that if you can go to the hottest and establish a business successfully it can be the end to your financial worries. It is why we took it upon ourselves to point out to you some wholesale business opportunities in Ghana today that you can start.

    Just before we move ahead, let us consider a few things about what a wholesale business entails.

    What is wholesaling?

    Basically, a wholesaler can be identified or explained as a company or persons that sell products or goods in bulk quantities at a relatively lower price compared to what is obtainable at the market level, so this paves way for retailers and those who sell to end-users to be able to buy in bulk or breakbulk from the wholesaler and make some profit from retailing to final consumers.

    Any business that is carefully planned out is expected to be successful, but some businesses are more lucrative than others.

    In Ghana today Wholesale business is perceived to be one of the most lucrative businesses you can start today, because people are always waiting to buy consumer goods, such as foods, selling popular goods like household items, and other consumer goods to people that are ready to buy in bulk (retailers).

    Now that you understand the concept of the business, we will now dive into ho you can start your business, we shall also list our some products or items that can be wholesale in the country, these products or goods are usually categorized under the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), we shall also give some useful tips to plan your business, marketing, getting retailers, and generally growing the business from the ground up.

    Wholesale items Product Idea

    Baby & Kids

    Toys & Gifts, Baby Gear, Diapers & Wipes Formula & Feeding, Heath & Safety, Baby Clothing, Games & Puzzles, Nursery & Decor, Arts & Crafts, Back to School,

    Clothing & Accessories for Boys, Girls, Women, Men’s,

    Food & Drinks

    Beans, Rice, Eggs, soft drink, juices, wine, noodles, Spaghetti, Pasta

    Provisions & Beverages

    Tea, Milk, Biscuits & Snacks, Canned Food, Cereals, Sweets & Candies,

    Perfumes & Fragrances

    Designers, Other Perfumes, Roll-ons/Deodorants, Body Mists/Sprays, Air Fresheners,

    Personal Care

    Beauty/Makeup, Hair, Bath & Body, Grooming, Health Products Appliances Books & Stationery
    Books, Stationery,

    Home & Decor

    Bed & Bath , Kitchen & Dining, Art & Decor,  Undies & Intimates, mattress, bedspread, throw pillows

    Kids, Women, Men, Party Supplies

    Kids Parties, Adult Party Supplies, Costumes & Mascots,

    Office & Educational Supplies

    Books for schools and offices, pen, math sets, writing materials, etc.



    Building Materials

    Cement, sand, window blinds,

    Factors to Consider when Start Wholesale Business in Ghana

    Premises & Location of Business

    The success of also partly dependent on some territorial considerations. In fact, the premises must be chosen intelligently, and strategically.

    First of all, they must comply with and comply with all the specific requirements of the business such as building hygiene and environmental protection. But also health protection in the workplace, food safety, local urban police regulations.

    They must also be large enough to accommodate the reception, to store the proposed goods, and there must also be an apart warehouse that deals with transport and logistics and more.

    Marketing & Growth strategy

    When a new business is born, the basic rule is to know how to sponsor. When you want to start a wholesale trade, then you have to be able to cope (quickly) with market demand, and you have to attract customers, taking advantage of the power of marketing to your advantage.

    Most of the wholesale activities currently operating on the market have decided to take advantage of modern technology to their advantage. That’s why they’ve converted into many online sales. It is evident that companies use the web to sell with the same intensity as physical sales, making it faster and easier to acquire orders.

    Many e-commerces were born, that is why you see dropshipping and eCommerce businesses thriving online in Ghana and other West Africa countries like Nigeria, Those who are just preparing to enter the sector must know that in order to succeed, they must ensure that they reach potential stakeholders; and there’s nothing better than the internet by leveraging massive social media audience.

    The sale, whether it takes place online or physically, must be managed in detail. A good strategy in this respect could also be facilitated by the use of the work of sales agents. If you are starting lean you can as well do some of this yourself. Part of the wholesale trade staff, are professionals who are up-to-date on prices and have catalogs, who look for customers (by well-known methods and exercise in their training) and thus increase production and profit.

    Creating Online Presence for your Business

    Currently not having a web presence for your business online is leaving much at the table. You can imagine the number of Facebook ads you come across every day on Facebook and Instagram, imagine the number of sales people make just freely advertising and selling their wholesale products on Facebook groups and pages and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

    You can have your own website, to establish a good sales funnel,  A professional site must be easy to navigate, fast in loading pages, optimized for all internet browsers, and above all indexed on Google with keywords such as ” wholesale ghana”, “wholesaler in ghana “, ” wholesale products”, ” wholesaler” etc.

    You have to invest in a quality website, use the service of an SEO agencies to grow your business online. Costs range from a few thousand Ghana cedis depending on the providers and your business objectives are. For a catalog or eCommerce website that’s indexable and business-friendly can cost you up to 15k GHC.

    The choice must therefore be weighted according to the needs and budget of your business.

    Distribution & Logistics and shipping

    Finally, there is also a particular element that makes the wholesale activity much more particular, namely the management of the logistics aspects that deal with the storage of goods and possible shipments to buyers.

    Logistics needs planning, you need to work on the process of assigning goods to sales orders. Picking and packing lists are defined and compiled in detail to deal with shipments and to move goods from warehouse points to getting them delivered to customers.

    Finding Suppliers

    In order to achieve fair success even immediately with a wholesale business, it will be essential to find the right suppliers who respect delivery times and above all provide you with quality goods that are in high demand from the public.

    However, obviously, the crucial part to really give success to a company that deals with the sale of wholesale items, is to activate a marketing strategy that can immediately make you gain your first group of loyal customers. You need to work on making yourself known by the external market by creating a brand that is trustworthy and reputable.


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