What does the green circle mean on Instagram?

    Instagram Close Friends

    The green circle of Instagram stories appears when you have been selected as best friends and only you and those in that group can see the story.

    Instagram increases its popularity every day, which also increases the number of followers that make up this social res, but this large number of people who are added to this platform undoubtedly do so attracted by the security guarantee and privacy protection It offers all the contents and publications that are posted to the accounts.

    • In the case of the green circle, it is an Instagram creation whose main function is to standardize or separate a group of contacts from others, that is, it allows you to classify those people who you want to see specific content in your stories.

    If for example you have many followers and you want to post information that you consider important but only want to share with a small group of friends, without doubt, you should use the alternative green circle, to ensure privacy.

    You can even establish when you want a story to be of a general nature, and when you want to be only your closest contacts who have access to it, it is worth noting that this feature is very often used among business organizations who use Instagram as a means to transmit orders or instructions.

    Many people who have an account on Instagram with the desire to get new followers, do not realize who they accept to have access to their stories and content, this, in the long run, generates a lot of problems because if they want to share a story or information that they consider personal, any user will have access to it, that is why you should be afraid to publish it.

    In this case, Instagram always thinking about the privacy of the user-created the function ” Best friends ” that as the name implies allows you to select those followers who can access a certain story.

    This alternative of the green circle, allows you to generate a much closer bond between those followers whom you consider closest friends, apart of course from your relatives, so that they can enjoy the stories that you post in your account.

    The difference between the green and red circle is that the latter only tells you when you have a story to see, and it appears to anyone in Instagram, while green gives you an exclusive friend status, that is, only what you will see is who was selected by the recipient as best friends.

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