How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria

    How To Make Money On Facebook In Nigeria

    I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like or need money, we all want to have money at the same time. Today, we’re exploring how to make money on one of the most popular social media platforms in the world-Facebook.

    We’d be considering practical ways to make legit money on Facebook from the comfort of your PC.

    Money most of the time is part of what you need to achieve your purpose and passion. If you’re currently ruminating on how to make more money in 2021 and you have a mobile phone and very active on Facebook, let me show you how to convert some of those times you used on your mobile phone to earn some good money.

    1. Video creation & monetization

    In order to make money via Facebook video monetization, there are certain requirements you need to meet, there are three major things for you to be eligible for Facebook video ads monetization.

    First, you must have had a thousand minutes of watch time within a period of sixty days.

    Let me break this down a lit bit clearer for you, your videos may be watched over 1 million times or 2 million times, but Facebook is expecting that you have 30 thousand watch session with each session over a minute: simply each watch that counts for 30000 watch minutes must be over a minute each.

    Another requirement you need to meet up with is, to have 10,000 likes on your page.

    And lastly, under video monetization, you need to have at least three minutes on your videos, when you produce video content, you need to have up to three minutes in order to be eligible for ad revenue and earn pay from Facebook.

    So now, that you have the requirements for Facebook video monetization, you start rolling out those humorous video contents to make some cool cash from Facebook in 2021.

    2. Affiliate marketing

    The next best way to earn on Facebook (and not just on Facebook, generally when it comes to online marketing) is an affiliate partnership.

    If you do not have your own products yet, it’s not the end of the road as far as earning on Facebook is concerned, there’s more you can do to still make your cool cash and that’s partnering up with agencies that offer some cash (commission) for every sale you direct to them.

    All you are expected to do is to use your influence and platform to reach out to people who needs the product, share some valuable information around the product in terms of the functions, features of the product, and then direct them on where and how to buy using some sort of referral links.

    You earn your own Commission every time the agency made a sale from your referral (people that consume your content on your page).

    As an affiliate marketer and content creator you can partner up with another company selling something, for example, Etsy or Amazon, in all make sure that the products you’re marketing align well with your brand and contents. It doesn’t make sense when a tech content creator is marketing some sort of cosmetic of beauty products.

    Don’t just recommend for commission sake, that’d be too obvious for your audience and may not really convert to earnings for you, but rather focus on sharing some of the values around the product or service.

    3. Influencer marketing

    This is a little bit related to affiliate marketing, here you recommend a product or service to your audience.

    The more you create value with your contents, the more people believe in your and trust the products or services you recommended, this works a lot on Instagram where agencies rely on Instagram Celebrities to promote their product, but it can only work, if you work on growing your followership, earning their trust and keep giving value in all of your contents from time to time.

    4. Speaking  Engagements

    As you build your brand on Facebook and more people like your page, your personality and the values you offer, you would start getting invitations to speak or talk in events related to your niche or industry. It’s all about establishing your professionalism and positioning yourself as available for such types of engagements.

    People who are looking for good content creators to engage in their events, especially when it has to do with important aspects of life such as business, finance, food, life.

    Basically, when people like your ideas on these issues they want to engage you in their organization to engage the people around them.

    It’s usually in form of a talk or speaking engagement. You earn money by charging because they are technically buying your time and accessing your expertise through a speaking engagement.

    There’s no big deal about charging for these types of speaking events, you will exert time, energy and pass a value to the audience which is fair enough.

    If you’re a humorous content person, I mean your page on Facebook is about making people happy, laugh, and have fun like most Facebook content makers in Nigeria are, you can also take event Engagements if you’re going in anchoring and presenting events, you make a good master of ceremony for people in their wedding and parties, that might be a cool way to rake in some cool cash from Facebook.

    5. Consulting

    Another interesting way to earn money through Facebook is by consulting for others. Offering consultation services in your field of expertise is a good thing, it’s somehow related to speaking engagements in that you have established your expertise on your channel or page by sharing ground-breaking ideas, knowledge, and information that you hold on a particular subject matter or field of life with others.

    For example, if you’re a good musician and you have a Facebook page where you help upcoming singers to be better at what they do, the more your page grows and you have more fans, trust me! You’d start getting consultation requests from organizations who are in the industry for different types of services and these types of consultation can run to bug figures for you.

    So, offering your service and expertise as a consultant is a brilliant way to make money off Facebook, especially for professionals and field experts.

    6. Sponsorship & Endorsements

    Sponsorship is when you get spotted by brands, companies or organization who likes what you do and the type of audience you have amassed over time and they are much willing to have you promote their brand on your channel or Facebook.

    This is fastly becoming one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria for people who can grow attract huge followership to themselves.

    A lot of people are doing this especially models, comedians, and actors, celebrities etc.

    For example, if you’re a beauty expert and you have a large following of users on your social media pages or networks that engage with your contents, You will get approached from time to time by cosmetic companies or companies that deals in beauty-related products, they give you their products for free and also sponsor you in by coming into a contract with you, in exchange you promote their products to your fan base as agreed.

    To get to this point, you need to first get a hold of your brand, establish yourself as an influencer, this may not come easy, as you will need to consistently roll out contents from time to grow your fan base or subscribers, once you can achieve a huge following, sponsorship and Endorsements deals will fall in for you.

    7. Merchandising Products and Services

    Merchandising I must say is the most common method people opt to make money online on Facebook in Nigeria and that’s because everyone is on Facebook these days, whatever the age, the class, the gender, whatever the target you need to promote your business, they’re on Facebook in their millions. So it’s a big pool of audience waiting to be explored.

    Merchandising works by selling products and services to people who need them directly on Facebook.

    You can make unique product videos and share them on groups with thousands of not millions of followers, as soon as that video goes viral, you start getting people that are interested and want to make orders.

    If your product goes viral, you can become an instant millionaire, however, business is about growth, to sell on Facebook.

    I’ll recommend you have:

    • Your own well-branded Facebook page
    • A professional website
    • landing pages for products or services
    • other social media accounts

    You can start by posting your sales pitches on different groups where a lot of people are hanging out, don’t just post in a few and relax, post in as much as possible places you know a lot people used to hang out on the social media. However, make sure the information you’re giving out is correct and you’re not spamming the community.

    8. Guest Vlogging

    Guest blogging is not yet so common as the other methods above and some others we’re going to still consider after now.

    However, it’s a very effective method to make some earnings off Facebook. The audience you have now is as a result of the productive efforts you’ve been making in growing your online presence, You have committed to content-making in the past and that has accumulated people who now like your page and remain as your audience of the moment.

    They also follow other content creators, you can see it in the engagement of some people of these co-creators or digital marketers, One of the viable ways to get more exposure for your page or channel is by guest Vlogging, what that simply means is to partner with other creators to make creative content that features you on their own page or channel, this way you can share from their audience to grow your page.

    You can as well increase the number of people that see your products through paid reach, you can setup Facebook ads on your page to promote your products.

    These I believe are the best ways to make money on Facebook in Nigeria. If you have some more methods and approaches that work for you please share in the comment section below.

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