UBA CashFast: Transfer Funds anywhere Nationwide

    Uba Bank

    UBA bank has introduced a new cash transfer services that are technologically driven and helps account holders of the bank and non-account holders to send funds to any part of Nigerian in light speed.

    The service is quick, cost-effective, reliable and seamless and secure.


    How UBA CashFast Works

    The sender is issued a scratch card that carries some serial number and PIN once the transaction is facilitated, recipients on the other end can then visit any of UBA branches nationwide wide with the Serial number and PIN to Liquate the funds.

    The process is super fast and the PIN and serial number are available in 2 seconds to sender, in about 2 to 5 minutes, from the sender to the receiver, the transaction can be completed and money cashed out.


    • Fast & Secure money transfer in local currency
    • Realtime transaction initiation through UBA branches Worldwide
    • Cost-Effective transfer charges
    • Fraud & Fool-Proof technology using systemically generated PIN & Serial number

    Why Use CashFast

    • No transaction piracy
    • Lightspeed transaction in 2 seconds
    • Available for customers and non-account holders

    Suitable for

    • Students
    • Importers and Exporters
    • Tourists
    • Traders

    Daily limit of transmission

    No daily limit

    Requirements to Use CashFast

    • Valid proof of valid identification (passport, identity card, drivers’ license)
    • Complete and submit fast cash form

    Conditions To Liquate CashFast

    Before the user on the receiving end can cash out the fund, the below conditions must be met;

    • The PIN entered on the scratch card provided
    • Proof of valid identification (passport, identity card, driving license);
    • Amount Sent
    • Sender’s name
    • Complete and submit a receipt form

    UBA bank is one of the finest technology-driven banks in Nigeria, they have been rolling out several banking innovations and systems to better the lives of their customers.

    The UBA CashFast is certainly one of those banking solutions, seeing that sending money across Nigeria is still a major issue despite the considerable number of commercial banks in the country.

    The UBA CashFast any customer and non-customer of the bank can send cash to their friends, family, relatives, children/ward in realtime.

    You will agree with me that UBA is constantly searching for means to simplify banking and lavish lots of convenience on her numerous customers, so the bank keeps on researching better and more intelligent banking solutions to get this achieved.

    A prove on this is the Leo Banking Chatbot on Messenger and Whatsapp, where you get basic banking transactions like sending funds, adding beneficiaries, buying data and Airtime done, by just sending a request to Leo, the digital banking bot.

    UBA also has her own dedicated USSD code for performing different transactions for those who don’t have access to the internet or internet enable devices and have to put up with a transaction on their basic CDMA device.


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