10 transactions you can perform on Opay Mobile App

    Fund Opay Account

    It is no more news that the Opay app can perform tons of activities. With just a few clicks, you can order for food online and have it delivered to your home or office.

    That is not all, you can use it to send money to make bank transfers to anyone in Nigeria.

    Transactions on On Opay mobile app

    Opay has integrated these many features on its mobile app for you to use when you need them. In this article, I have put together a list of the top ten transactions you can do on your Opay App.

    Electricity Bill Payment

    You can make payments for your prepaid electricity using the Opay app. OperaPay doesn’t charge a dime or convenience fee for this. If you are facing network issues from your bank and you need to pay your electricity bill urgently, the best alternative to use is the Opay app.

    Subscribe for Cable TV Service

    Opay allows you to subscribe and renew for your StarTimes, GoTv and DSTV subscription easily. Also, they do not charge any convenience fee or commissions to use this service.

    Fund Betting Account

    If you are a punter or a bettor with any major Nigerian sports betting companies, you can use Opay to fund your betting accounts. Lots of SupaBet and Bet9ja customers fund their accounts using Opay.


    Buy Airtime

    You can purchase airtime for yourself and also buy airtime for your friends and families on any network using this mobile app.

    Buy Data

    The Opay app has the feature of helping you to buy an internet data subscription to your network. You can also use the Opay service to buy data for other people.

    Order A Food

    Another thing you can do on Opay app is to make an order for your favourite meals. Regardless of your location, you will find a good eatery or restaurant to get delicious meals in the Opay app.

    Payment by Scanning (Opay QR)

    Additionally, you can make payments and receive money by scanning the Opay QR code. This can be done even without physical cash, it is fast, secure and safe. Most importantly, you are not charged for this service.

    Send Money to People

    The Opay app has proven to be a payment wallet of making fast payments to people. Also, this service is also free, it doesn’t attract any transaction or convenience fee.

    Hail A Bus 

    Another thing you can do on the Opay app is to hail a public bus. This service is known as ‘OBus’, it is a safe, affordable and comfortable method of commuting in your city.

    Order A Bike

    Furthermore, you can hail a bike on the Opay platform and pay from your Opay account. Opay’s service ‘ORide’ became popular in Lagos for making residents get cheap rides around the city of Lagos. The ORide service is a fast and easy way of commuting – especially when there is heavy traffic gridlock.

    Truly, Opay is a mobile wallet that gives you access to several services. Instead of having different apps for different purposes, you can enjoy numerous services by downloading the Opay app.


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