How to Track Orders on Jumia & Konga, Nigeria

    How To Track Orders On Konga & Jumia

    How do you go about tracking your orders on Jumia and Konga when order a product?

    Well have put together a very simple guide to help you track your order on jumia as well on Konga. If you have recently bought a product on both of the any of these 2 biggest ecommerce shopping websites in Nigeria and you would like to see shipping details information and when it is likely that you goods get to you then there is how to go about that.

    The convenience and comfort you enjoyed at home ordering your product is next to none. Jumia and konga is two of the biggest online market in Nigeria. In this guide will be looking at how to track your order on both online shops.

    Buying online is fun because of the fact that you are able to save up enough time and energy, why do you have to sacrifice your convenience when you can easily place your orders from the comfort of your bed and have it delivered to your doorstep.

    usually both of the shipping company will deliver your product within a product at 3 to 10 days. this is because the delivery of the product is largely dependent on the warehouse where your products located so in case the product is a little bit far from you then it may take a longer time to have it delivered. for example most of the warehouse for this product are in Lagos if you are outside Lagos for example you are in Abuja it will take a few days to get your product.

    But be rest assured that your shipping is handled buy reliable shipping services.

    How to track your order on konga

    When you put up an order on the Konga website will be given a link once your order is processed. You can then use this tracking ID on the tracking page to be able to see a detailed log of your product shipment.

    How to track your order on jumia Nigeria

    It is quite understandable that as soon as you made the others you’re curious about when your product will get to you. Jumia been one of the leading e-commerce website in Nigeria, as a user-friendly website where you can make your orders, even more you can do more from the website, for example you can follow up on your orders,

    To go about this the first thing you need to do is to visit jumia website.

    1. Use your login details to access your account.
    2. Over on the drop-down around your name to find orders menu.
    3. On the others may know you’ll be able to see a list of all of the product you have ordered on jumia starting from the most recent ones.
    4. On the right side you will see you’d see a text link that reads see details, click on this to go to the information page of the product.
    5. Write on the information page scroll down to find the test link that reads track this item.
    6. You will then be shown on a map that exemplifies the courage of your orders from the Warehouse.
    7. Under the displayed order number on this map page, click on view details.
    8. You will then be shown a timeline of your shipment, from the point of carriage.

    That’s all on how to track your order on jumia.

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