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Tizeti Wificall Service Nigeria
Source: Techcrunch.com

You can now make wifi calls in Nigeria thanks to Tizeti for introducing this new service in Nigeria recently. The service was launched as WifiCall.ng. Wifi call Nigeria is an inexpensive voice calling platform designed for individuals and enterprises to make calls to any number over the internet.

The promising VoIP subscription based Wifi service in Nigeria will offer its users facility to make unlimited calls to just about any phone number, meaning that users can make calls to numbers that are not even registered on WifiCall’s service.

According to a report by Techcrunch, Tizeti is introducing the new service in Nigeria with plans to make available her own phone numbers in 2020 in one Africa’s most populous nations- Nigeria, a seemingly booming economy.

FAQ about the new WiFi call Nigeria service

Can I make international calls with WiFicall.ng?

No! At the moment the company only allow users to make calls across Nigerian networks only.

Do you need data call?

Yes! You need data to make calls on WiFicall.ng, but the good thing about the service is the fact that it consumes less data so you have to worry less.

Is the unlimited WiFi call plan truly unlimited?

Wificall.ng has an unlimited plan, the basic unlimited plans can accommodate one user to make unlimited calls as far as their subscription is still valid.

Can I change my wifi plan?

Yes, WiFicall.ng VoIP service is scalable, you can switch to any plans that suit you at any time.

Can you use your plan with an IP phone?

The company on their website disclosed that the service can be used with an IP phone.

Can I choose the number I want or can I maintain my local number?

The company will assign you a number once you subscribe to a plan

Can I get more than one phone number for my business?

Yes you can have more than one phone for your business https://myaccount.wificall.ng/#/login

How will the assigned number be?

it will be in the 01229xxx format

Do I have to open a separate account if I am already  TIZETI WiFi user?

Wificall Nigeria is launched by TIZETI but the nature of the service requires you open a new account where basic information like email and phone number verification will be needed for signup.

WifiCall.ng wifi call price in Nigeria

Free: Only one user is allowed on the free plan and 30 Minutes of Talktime

Basic Unlimited: which goes for 6000 also Allows ONE user, it is also valid for 30 days plus you have access to  Wificall telephone directory or Number search engine.

The Business Plan which starts from 15000 allows up to 10 users at 12 Kobo per seconds. Plus access to 7 days call recording history, call queue wallboard and wificall phone number search engine.

The Business Plan Pro comes with more extensive options for medium corporates, it starts at 25000 monthly subscriptions, 12koobo per seconds plus access to up to 2 months of recorded call history. Other accessible features are wificall phone number search engine., set a credit limit for users, use the Wallboard with call queues.

Wifi.com.ng/ Tizeti Data Plans

Tizeti also is known as wifi.com.ng is a wifi service provider in Nigeria that uses cutting edge fiber optic technology to deliver a bankable Wifi Service in Nigeria.

Tizeti (WiFi.com.ng) Data Plans

TIZETI (wifi.com.ng)  since it’s launch in Nigeria 3 years have been deploying high-speed internet connectivity to offices, residences, hubs, estates, multi-tenant apartments, this they do by using next-generation Wi-Fi technology.

TIZETI provides truly unlimited internet services to majorly residences and offices.

Why use Tizeti Wi-fi Internet Service

  • Better Wifi Service
  • 24/7 Seamless Support
  • Excellent Service that makes Happy Customers
  • Easy to use Payment
  • Lots of Value Added Service like USA IP etc
  • Wide Coverage

Is TIZETI unlimited?

 TIZETI internet plans have no data caps.

How long will it take to set me up?

They will set up your home or office in about 60 minute.

How many devices can be  I connect?

The reason why we recommend wifi.com.ng is because you can connect as much as possible devices to the hotspot without any restriction or throttling down, which means your friends, family, the team at work can share from the connection, streaming, chatting and surfing the web all day.

Tizeti (WiFi.com.ng) Data Plans


  • Plus N35,500 for one-time setup
  • Unlimited Data
  • US IP Address
  • 0% discount

RESIDENTIAL PRO N57,0006 months

  • Plus N35,500 for a one-time setup
  • Unlimited Data
  • US IP Address* (requires teleport device)
  • 1 month free
  • Plus N35,500 for a one-time setup
  • Unlimited Data
  • US IP Address* (requires teleport device)
  • 2 months free
How can you contact Tizeti Support?

Chat or Call:  01-4405610

Email: email [email protected]

How to make Tizeti Payment

– If you are a new customer, you can make payment online @ https://paystack.com/pay/wifi

– For old or returning customers, you can pay online @  wifi.com.ng/customer

– You can as well transfer to their account:

Zenith Bank, Head Office Branch,

Account No 1013184381.

If you mad direct deposit, be sure to contact them about your payment.

They also accept cheque or payment with POS terminal.

Need more information,  Call TIZETI us on 0700 200 200 200.

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