Startimes Nigeria Customer Care Details


    For those of you who have been facing issues with your Startimes decoder or service and don’t know how to contact the company. Then this guide is for you. I will show you Startimes Nigeria Customer Care Details and also guide on how to get your Startimes decoder related issues solved.

    It will be impossible to mention foremost and leading Satellite television and cable service provider in Nigeria without naming Startimes. They have found their way to every Nigerian due to their affordable digital pay TV service that is unbeatable within the country.

    Startimes have 4 different subscription plans or bouquet which are Unique, Classic, Basic and Nyota. All bouquet are made affordable for all types of income earners in the country


    We understand the frustration that comes with struggling to get your Startimes decoder to watch, it is why we try to help you with the contact details of Startimes Nigeria so you can get help in realtime. I will show you Methods you can use to contact Startimes in Nigeria and resolve all of your issues.

    Phone Numbers

    0719 077 077



    You can quickly help from a customer service representative at Startimes using any of the above numbers, please note the numbers are not toll-free and you will be charged by your network provider so be sure to have enough airtime on your mobile before calling.

    Nigeria and Kenya Email Address

    You can reach out to Startimes online through their official email address which are:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    However, please note that it may take a longer time for them to respond to your issues because of too many requests to attend to in the email. If you just want to make inquiries on new service and your request is not so urgent you can use this method to contact Startimes Nigeria.

    Facebook Account

    Using Social media is the fastest and the most cost-effective way. Since everyone uses social media these days, chances are you already have an account on Facebook and Twitter. So all you need to do is to message them about any of their products and services and you will get a response in good time.

    Twitter Account:

    Nigeria Website

    More like it, you can reach out to Startimes through their Websites. The website may already have some guidance and answers to your request, in case it doesn’t you can use the contact form to get help. The web address of Startimes Nigeria is:

    Office Address

    Another way you can contact Startimes is to locate the nearest Startimes outlets or office in your State. To find the address for your state, visit their website above to get Startimes addresses Nationwide.

    You can as well visit their head office located at:

    Startimes Nigeria at AFRIBANK House, Fatai Atere Way, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria.

    Quick Guide

    How do I contact StarTimes customer service?

    We have written a detailed guide on how to contact Startimes in Nigeria in 5 methods

    Contact StarTimes by Phone, Email, Websites, visit outlets, contact on social media

    How do I check my StarTimes subscription status?

    StarTimes not quite long unveiled a new service to make it easy for users to manage their accounts. You can easily check your StarTimes subscription Status By dialing *858# on the mobile number you use to register your StarTimes Decoder. You can do a number of other things like:

    Check account balance
    Instantly activate your StarTimes decoder
    Activate StarTimes Mobile TV
    Upgrade from one Bouquet to Another

    How do I activate StarTimes after payment?

    Once you have made a payment, you can activate your StarTimes decoder immediately and start to enjoy! Just dial *858# and follow the on-screen guide. You can as well call one of their operatives to help you with the activation. Call customer care line on 0719 077 077 or use the online activation link here:

    How do I change my StarTimes bouquet in Nigeria?

    You can easily change your bouquet on online on their website or download their app and login with your account details

    How many channels are in Startimes?

    There are up to 60 Channels on StarTimes including Sports and lots of Kids Channels.

    How do I reset Startimes decoder?

    You can manually reset your StarTimes decoder following these simple steps:

    Put on your StartimesDialog TV decoder.
    Press the ‘menu button’ on the decoder
    Select “Installation” option (Option 2)
    Select “Factory Default” (option 3)
    Press “ok”
    Enter password – 0 0 0 0.
    System will now reset the Decoder (STB)


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