How to start mattress & bedding business in Nigeria

    How To Start Mattress And Bedding Business In Nigeria

    One of the rarely looked at section of furniture business is bedding and selling mattress, but the truth is, there is a lot of profit to be cashed in from selling beddings.

    Individuals that are constantly looking for how to have quality sleep are on the increase day by day, so the market is massive.

    If you are willing to look in this direction, you can possibly increase your income by selling mattresses and bedding materials.

    This is not the usual every day guide that tells you the things you already have tons of clues about, rather in this profitable mattress business guide, we will expose you to some strategic key points that you can leverage to land more deals in your mattress business.

    To start with…

    You can sell more by exhibiting and demonstrating for customers, also you can educate them on the best type of mattress that’s suitable for their need.

    You can start by showing them (buyers) how they can get a good night sleep, you do this by handing out to them extra information about mattress and it’s effoect on how we sleep.

    Bedding is a goldmine in furniture business and it’s high time you had started paying attention to it.

    You just need to take time to learn all there is to know, work with industry experts and manufacturers and add up this furniture category into your business. However here some few tips we have put together to help you boost sales and make more profits from selling bedding and mattress in Nigeria.

    Allow for special and custom orders

    Many furniture showrooms pay little to zero attention for custom orders and little did they know what they are leaving at the table in profits.

    Some hoteliers are looking for where they can make orders for different colors and requirements in fabrics, without custom orders as part of your furniture business tool box you will be able to quickly blend into fulfilling custom orders for clients and that can amount to closing more deals as a furniture entrepreneur.

    #Imform the buyer about the different products in relation to their needs

    You can close a mattress deal every single time with no issues or complications. In the next lines below, I will show you how to go about things.

    First, furniture sellers, especially when it comes to selling mattress should understand that their customers in most of the cases are not well informed about what they are about to buy, all they see is several items with lots of rectangles with different price values, all over the place and they are all looking takeaway.

    It is your job as the seller to make sure that you give the potential buyers s handful of education by telling them differences between one mattress and the others in your store.

    Don’t ask the wrong question

    Some mattress salesperson get started by asking the buyer the wrong question such as do you have a budget? How much would you like to spend? These are very bad question that will make the customer negatively alert and have a mindset that you are reaping them off.

    Such questions also send a wrong notion to your questions that tlyou have quality of delivery for every class of people and that’s determine by how much they’re are willing to spend.

    Other wrong questions are asking if the mattress will be used in a guest room, is it for your wife/hubby or if it will be used by themselves, or asking about their price range, these are very biased questions and it’s time to get more professional and close deals by learning to ask only the questions that matters.

    Some other mattress salesperson asked the customer if they want plush or firm even when they have no single clue about the customers perspective and what their ideal preference could be. These are some of the bad questions you need to get out of the way when trying to cut a mattress deal.

    Asking questions that matters

    Now let’s get to the right questions you should ask the customer, but first before I go ahead, always deal with your mattress customers assuming they are the one using the mattress, in that regard here are some good questions to ask your potential mattress buyer.

    1. Ask they how they sleep last night; did they have to deal with any body pain or discomfort at night?

    2. From 1 to 10 how would you rate your current mattress?

    3. If you had the opportunity to select the best mattress solution today, describe how you would like your ideal mattress to feel?

    With Answer on these questions you now have a handful of information that will help you to guide your customer to purchase the ideal mattress solution for their comfort level.

    The next thing to do is to find their comfort feel, customers have different perception about mattress, some prefer a not too soft and not too firm mattress, while others like the firm mattress or the soft mattress solutions.

    The easiest way to get this, is to get three mattresses that belong to these category and then ask Mr. Customer to lay on each of the mattress, and ask feedback about each of them, to find they if they prefer one with a more softer feel or a mattress with a more firmer feel, at this point you’ve identified the comfort feel of the customer and that will make things a lot easier for you as the salesperson.

    Master your Inventory & floor navigation

    Finally, and this is very important, you want to master how to navigate your store floor.

    Know all the section where each of these mattress is located, you should be able to locate as quick as possible where your affordable, luxury and mid-price mattresses are arranged.

    This will make your service look professional to the intending buyer, you don’t want to be confused and stressed up trying to find a product that’s not so far fetched.

    I hope you find this guide on how to start a profitable mattress business in Nigeria.

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