How and Where to Register your Drone in Ghana

    How To Register, License Drone In Ghana 2021

    if you’re planning to have a drone and fly it in Ghana it is important that you have it registered, registering your drone will let you know how high you can fly you also get to know where you’re not allowed to fly your drone.

    You will also be given information on some of the right reasons that you are allowed to fly a drone in Ghana.

    Piloting a drone that is not registered in Ghana can get you in jail for over 30 years. in this guide I’ll be showing you how to register your drone and get a license to fly in the country. The process is not so far-fetched.

    What is the cost of registering a drone in Ghana?

    The cost of registering a drone in Ghana starts from $20.


    Know the weight of your drone?

    This will be needed to determine the type of authorization your drone requires.

    Is it for commercial purposes?

    Will your drone be performing special operations?

    This will be needed to know if your drone will require a special license to fly.

    How high do you intend to fly your drone?

    Where can you register your drone in Ghana?

    To register your drone in Ghana you need to do that today GCAA. Where you can register your drone is with the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).  Their office address is Airport Rd, Accra, Ghana very close to the Hajj Village.

    Why Register your drone in Ghana?

    The government demands that all drone flyers whether private or commercial should get a license before flying. Registering and getting a license for your drone, avoid getting into any form of legal issue.

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