How to Recharge EEDC prepaid meter for the first time & activate

    If you just secured your prepaid meter from Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) meter and looking for details on how to activate, recharge and check data balance on your EEDC prepaid meter, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you how to easily:

    • Make EEDC payment online for prepaid meter and postpaid users
    • How to activate/Recharge your meter
    • How to recharge your EEDC meter
    • How to key in your Token after payment

    It is important that you get this information first hand so that you will not be left in the dark trying to figure out what it is or how to go about when the unit gets exhausted. If you run out of power, you wonder how else you can recharge and renew it.

    Recharging your EEDC Prepaid meter is not a big deal, In this guide, we shall show you the most important thing which helps you figure out how to buy power token for your prepaid meter easily, we shall also give you some tips on how to check your balance, so you don’t get cut off from power suddenly due to token or electricity unit exhaustion.

    The Big deal is Where to pay for your Enugu Electricity Meter, you will agree with me that it is so interesting that you need to visit an agent or outlet before you can recharge your Enugu electric meter.

    It is a very time and energy-consuming thing to do, especially if you live in a place that is on the outskirt of the Enugu city.

    But it will interest you to know that you need not stress yourself so much, you don’t need to visit a physical agent or travel kilometers before you can recharge your prepaid meter in Enugu, we shall show you an over-simplified method that can use to buy EEDC token online without any stress or complications.

    Much more your precious time and energy are preserved as you only need about 2 minutes to perform the transaction, much interestingly, you can do it from the comfort of your bedroom, or office desk, all that is required is just your PC or smartphone and internet connection.

    We shall show you quite a few methods and channels you can use, so that you are not left out of options. is an online payment outlet that is licensed to sell Energy power units in Nigeria especially for prepaid customers, in Abuja, Lagos, Rivers, Abia and several other locations in the country, they supposedly offer service to all the discos in Nigeria.

    In order to buy a token from it is necessary that you have an internet connection on a smartphone or laptop, then keep your  Enugu Electricity prepaid meter number close to you.

    1. Open on your internet-connected device
    2. Key in your phone number used with your account
    3. Input  your Enugu prepaid meter number
    4. Type in how many units of electricity you are buying
    5. Supply your Email and Full name
    6. Then click on the “Enter payment information” menu
    7. Be sure you have entered the correct details on the next screen
    8. Input your debit/credit bank card details as seen on the screen, then
    9. Click on  Submit, to process your transaction
    10. Your payment details if success will be sent to your email

    Note: Prepaid customers, are to use an account number instead of a prepaid meter number

    Make EEDC prepaid meter online/pay for electricity VIA Quickteller

    1. Open up your browser and visit
    2. Input your meter number
    3. Input the amount of unit you wish to buy for your prepaid
    4. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete your transaction

    Buy token for EEDC prepaid meter online/pay for electricity VIA iRecharge

    To make EEDC electric payment VIA iRecharge, follow the guide below:

    1. Open your web browser and visit
    2. Key in your phone number
    3. On the next screen, select your State
    4. Select whether Prepaid or Postpaid
    5. Input your meter number
    6. Input the amount you wish to pay/buy
    7. supply your email address and phone number
    8. Click on the green ‘SUBMIT’ button
    9. You will be taken to the next screen where your

    Recharge EEDC Prepaid Meter via Agents

    1. You need to visit a dealership or DISCO payment outlet closest to you with your meter number (if you don’t know your meter number check below to see how to check your meter number)
    2. If you have a meter card you can as well check your meter number on the card
    3. Pay for the unit you want
    4. As soon as the payment went through which is usually done in about a minute, you will be given an automatically generated 20 digit recharge codes which is your token, it will come with your evidence of payment printed out for you.
    5. Go back to where the Prepaid meter is and key in the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard on the meter.

    Now that you payment has been remitted, you will receive an automatically generated token via email or phone number, It is usually a 20 digit code, to load/re-activate the token on your meter follow the steps below:

    • Your meter comes with a UIU keyboard interface that allows you to key in codes, it looks like a small calculator screen containing some number keys, you will need to key in these 20 digit recharge code for activation.
    • As you type in the codes the UIU LCD screen will sh0w you what your typing, in case you typed in the wrong code there is a red button to cancel, so you can start again. If you are sure you have entered the codes correctly use the Green button to activate your recharge.
    • Once the token is correct your meter will show you code acceptance message and as well display your unit left or bought.
    • If you get an error or reject message, it may mean you have entered the codes wrongly or you keyed in an invalid token.

    How to Check Enugu Meter Balance

    In the next few lines, I will show you how to Check your meter number, meter balance left and the total credit used.

    To Check your meter number:

    • Press 65
    • Tap the blue button
    • The 11 digit numbers displayed on the screen is your meter number

    To Check your meter Balance:

    • Press “07”
    • Tap on the blue button
    • Your unit balance available will be shown to you in this format. (204.25).

    To Check your total credit used:

    • Press 07 on the keypad
    • Tap on the blue button.
    • and press the blue button
    • Wait to see your total credit used

    This guide is applicable to all Discos on Nigeria.

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