20 transactions you can perform on www.Quickteller (Web & App)


    Quickteller is a Nigerian fintech company that allows you to perform several financial transactions on its platform.

    They have a website and an intuitive mobile app that you can use to carry out quick financial transactions.

    20 transactions you can perform on Quickteller (Web & App)

    In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of 20 things you can do on Quickteller.

    Quickteller allows you to send money to any bank account in Nigeria. This can be done on the Quickteller App or website.

    Receive funds from buyers

    Also, another thing you can do on Quickteller is that you can receive money from people. If you are a merchant running a business venture, Quickteller will be handy in collecting payment from your customers.

    Purchase Airtime

    You can use this platform to purchase airtime for yourself. Quickteller allows you to buy airtime to any Nigerian telecommunication network.

    You can also purchase airtime for other people, including your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and mates from your quickteller account.

    Buy Data

    If you love browsing the net for information, one of the things you can do on quickteller is to buy data for yourself.

    Additionally, you can buy data for other people from your quickteller account. Quickteller makes it easy for you to buy data for other people without problems.

    Get a Loan

    You can get access to loan and credit facilities from your Quickteller dashboard. If you are in need of instant loans, you can quickteller to find out the latest loan offers for you.

    Buy Tickets to Events

    You can buy tickets for the latest comedy and entertainment shows on Quickteller. Also, you can get your cinema tickets from quickteller.

    Book a Flight

    You can book flights from quickteller website. Quickteller allows you to book flights on various airlines.

    Buy things online

    Another thing you can do on Quickeller is to purchase good online. Quickteller has an online shopping mall where you can directly shop for goods and products on UK/US sites and get it delivered to your address.

    Fund your betting account

    Quickteller has partnered with various sports betting companies such as Nairabet, Bet9ja etc. This allows you to fund your betting accounts with ease.

    Pay for Cable TV subscriptions: GOTV, DSTV, Startimes

    You can also pay cable TV Subscriptions for your StarTimes, SDTV and GOTV decoders on the Quickteller website.

    Pay for Tax

    Another impressive feature of the Quickteller is that you can use their platform to make tax payments. They payments will be remitted to the accounts of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

    You can also pay the school fees of your child and wards on Quickteller.

    Pay tithes/offering to religious organizations

    You can also pay offering and tithes to the accounts of religious organizations. You can pay your tithes and offerings to churches such as Winners Chapel, Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM), The Lord’s Chosen etc on Quickteller website.

    You can also pay for physical goods and services on the Quickteller platform.

    Pay for Internet Subscriptions

    Another thing you can do on quickteller is to make payments for Internet subscriptions. You can subscribe and renew your subscription of Spectranet, Smile, Swift Networks etc from your dashboard.

    Buy International Airtime

    You can also purchase international airtime from your quickteller account. Perhaps, if you are a traveler or expatriate in another country, you can use recharge your international telecommunication companies on Quickteller.

    Pay for Visa

    You can make payment for VISA on the Quickteller website. For instance, payments for Chinese Visa application can be done on Quickteller with ease.

    Give Grants & Donations to Organisations

    You can give out grants and donations to non-governmental organizations and agencies from your Quickteller account.

    Quickteller is a payment solutions company that you can use to make payment with ease. We hope that this article has provided you with the things you can do on Quickteller.com


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