How to pay IBEDC prepaid,  postpaid Bills online on Quickteller

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    Looking for how to pay your IBEDC bills online here is a simple guide to help you.

    Both prepaid meter and postpaid account holders of IBEDC- Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company can pay their utility bills online using the Quickteller platform.

    Prepaid meter users don’t pay for bills but rather they buy tokens and have their prepaid meter recharged with the token generated for them after payment.

    The whole process is super easy and less stressful, as we will share with you the simple steps to follow to easily recharge your token.

    The guide will not be for only prepaid meter users, on the Quickteller platform postpaid users with account number who are yet to be metered by IBEDC can also make their payments online.

    This means convenience for all, you need not stress yourself looking for agents or banks to remit your payment.

    At anytime of the day, be it in the morning or night you can always turn to the Quickteller online payment system to have your utility bill remitted and keep connected.

    Making electricity payment has become a lot easier, with the online platform of payment. IBEDC is the major electricity distribution company in the southwest and middle belt region, IBEDC is called “Ibadan electricity distribution company”, covering mainly 7 states, which includes Oyo, Ogun, Kwara, Ekiti, Kogi, and Niger.

    With the Great coverage of the IBEDC, it is of necessity that you know how to make payment online to reduce the stress of having to go to their branch or head offices. All you need is your smartphone or a laptop with Internet connectivity.

    Steps to make IBEDC Payments online: prepaid meters

    Reasons to use Quickteller

    Quickteller is a reliable online payment platform

    It’s easy to use

    Convenient and Fast

    The online payment platform by Quickteller is designed with an easy interface that can be easily used by anyone.

    Payments can be made on your phones and PC and any time of the day.

    How to recharge IBEDC prepaid meter on Quickteller

    1. Open up a browser on your mobile or PC

    2. Visit the Quickteller website at

    3. Click on the left menu on the website if on mobile, then select pay bill, from the category select the type of bill.

    4. An easier router will be to use the search bar to find biller, simply type in IBEDC, you will be shown 3 channels to pay to IBEDC.

    5. One for prepaid meter subscribers another for postpaid account holders, and the third is for MAP meter request exercise Before proceeding be sure that you have picked the one for Prepaid Meter users.

    6. Next is to key in your email or phone number as required 

    7. Enter your meter number correctly

    8. Key in the amount you wish to recharge

    9. Then make your payment

    How to pay postpaid IBEDC bills on Quickteller

    1. From the Quickteller website, search for IBEDC as your biller

    2. Then make sure to select the postpaid form

    3. Key in your email or phone number

    4. Next type in your postpaid account number

    5. Then enter the amount you wish to pay.

    6 Make payment with your bank or card

    7. Generate a proof of payment in e-copy or printed to present to the IBEDC officials on request.

    Quickteller App

    You can as well make your payment on the Quickteller app which be downloaded from the play store.

    The process is pretty much similar to the one explained above. From the app select the ‘Utilities’ menu in yellow.

    1. Scroll down the long list to find IBEDC or use the ‘find a biller’ search bar.
    2. For Prepaid meter users select the one that requests for your meter number and postpaid will request your account number instead.
    3. Key in the amount you wish to pay by manually entering or using the + or – button.
    4. You can save as a beneficiary since it’s a recurrent billing, so you do not have to do the exercise every time you need to initiate a payment. 

    There are various mobile Apps or online platform with which you can make a payment, I would be talking about these various platforms.

    Ya online through

    1. On Any browser on your smartphone either explorer, chrome, opera mini, or UC browser.
    – go to:

    2. You would be asked to select from the various options.
    – meter registration
    – reconnection bill
    – electricity bill
    Since you are paying for the electricity bill, select the option “electricity bill”

    3. After selection, a form would be displayed telling you to fill the details of your account number, mobile phone, email address, and the amount you intend to pay.

    4. A continue button would be displayed at the bottom of the form, after filling the form, tap the continue button, this procedure takes you to the next step where you would be required to fill your debit or master card details for payment purposes.

    5. An email or text message would be sent to your mobile phone confirming your payment hence make sure you supply the accurate email and mobile phone details.

    Pay IBEDC VIA JumiaPay

    Jumia company created a platform called the “jumia one “, for the sole purpose of making your electricity bill payment online.

    This platform is one the top platforms for online utility payment as there are no extra charges for using their platform.

    1. With your smartphone or laptop go to “”

    2. Select services then electricity then IBEDC.
    The interface is quite friendly so there shouldn’t be any difficulty surfing through it.

    3. Log in or sign up if you don’t have an account with jumia.

    4. choose electricity

    5. Choose your type of payment either prepaid or postpaid

    6. choose Disco which represents Ibedc

    7. Fill in Your account number which you use to register your bill, this is especially for the postpaid subscribers.

    8. type in your debit card details and make payment.

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