Polaris (Skye) Bank recharge code to buy airtime/data

    Polaris Bank

    Do you know that you can recharge your own phone line and the telephone lines of other people by using the Polaris Bank recharge code? Many people do not know that Polaris Bank now a USSD code which it has made available to all its customers.

    Polaris Bank Limited is a commercial bank in Nigeria that purchased the liabilities and assets of the defunct Skye Bank Plc.

    Do you have an account with Polaris Bank? Maybe you just opened an account with the bank and you do not know about most of their services. This article will get you acquainted and make you know about the Polaris bank airtime and data recharge code.

    One of the convenient ways to bank and enjoy excellent banking services is the use of mobile banking technology. A person who is yet to use mobile banking services is missing out on a lot of benefits. Mobile banking technology has lots of benefits for both the bank and its customers.

    With the USSD code and mobile banking system, you don’t have to go to the bank, use the Polaris mobile banking app or use the ATM to perform banking services. A button phone can do mobile banking when you have the USSD code of your bank, therefore, the Polaris/Skye bank recharge code can be done on all mobile phones.

    USSD Code to buy airtime and data

    You first need to register your line before you can use the Polaris Bank recharge code. To register, dial *833# and follow the prompts displayed on your phone screen. If you are already registered, then you need to proceed to purchase airtime and data from your Polaris bank account.

    Data Subscription

    The Polaris bank code for airtime and data is 833#. To buy data, dial the code and follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to recharge your phone number or the telephone line of other people, dial 833AmountPhone Number#.

    Airtime Recharge

    For instance, when you dial 833200*08070023097#, ₦200 will be deducted from your account and the number ‘08070023097’ will be credited with airtime worth 200 Naira.

    It is important to note that the maximum amount of airtime you can buy a day with the Polaris bank recharge code is ₦20,000.

    Also, the number you used for the registration but be the same with the telephone line connected or linked to your bank account. Lastly, you will be charged ₦1 for every 20 seconds spent while using the recharge code.

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