Polaris Bank Cardless Withdrawal: Get Money Without ATM card

    Polaris Bank

    How can you perform a cardless withdrawal with your Polaris Bank Account even when you are not with your ATM card?

    Although Polaris Bank was established of recent (24th September 2018), it has proven to be trustworthy by giving it’s customers optimum satisfaction. Actually not all banks were able to grow as fast as Polaris Bank did. It’s amazing!

    Banks have now made withdrawals easier to the extent that you don’t need your ATM card to withdraw from your Bank account using an ATM machine.

    The Good news is, as a Polaris Bank customer, your bank also supports this update! Great isn’t it?

    Now let’s take a look at how Polaris Cardless Withdrawal works and how it can be used. Keep reading to find out.

    1. Firstly you have to generate a Paycode pin. In other to do this ;
    • Dial *833# on your mobile phone with the SIM card you used for your Polaris Bank registration
    • Follow the outlined steps
    • Generate your desired pay code pin.

    Now that you have done that, you need to look for a dispensing ATM machine closest to you to withdraw your funds even without your ATM card.


    • Press the enter button on the ATM machine
    • Select the Paycode cashout option
    • Enter the four-digit Paycode pin you generated earlier with your mobile phone.
    • Proceed by entering your desired amount to be withdrawn (Ensure it’s an amount in your bank account. Inputting of amount above your account balance would lead to no dispensing of cash)
    • Collect your cash dispensed by the ATM machine.

    Congratulations on your Polaris Cardless withdrawal. How did it go following the instructions written above? Kindly share your honest thoughts via the comment box.



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