Payconnect Loan: Apply, Interest rate, Repayment & Contact

    Payconnect Loan

    Payconnect Loan is yet another private lender in Nigeria that is offering loans to entrepreneurs and individuals who are seeking to get short term credit for business or personal use.

    We have put togther all the information you may want to have about Payconnect loan, on this page, you find out how to apply for the loan, requirements you are expected to meet before application, their interest rate, loan offers, repayments and how to contact payconnect loan.


    The payconnect loan is very easy to access and there are no guarantors or collateral needed to apply, however there are requirements to meet up with.

    If you are interested in applying with payconnect listed below are the conditions you are expected to satisfy:

    • be above the age of 18 years.
    • Have a valid government approved ID card eg. International Passport, Driver’s license, National ID Card
    • Have a functional Salary account with any bank in Nigeria
    • Have valid employment with any registered corporation and agency in Nigeria and Staff identity from the same.
    • Your salary account must have received for more than 6 times before putting up an application
    • Make available 3 months of a statement of account
    • Have a debit card from any commercial bank
    • BVN validation is required

    Loan Offer

    Payconnect can borrow you from N10,000, we do not know the maximum loan offer the lender is willing to give.

    How to apply

    • Visit the website of payconnect on your mobile or PC
    • Click on the menu that says ‘Loan’
    • Supply all the details on the form correctly
    • Then Submit
    • IYou will be contacted if you application went through

    Interest Rate

    Payconnect loan interest rate is set at 0.25% to 1% daily.


    To repay your payconnect loan, you do not have to worry, the balance is automatically deducted with the interest rate from your account when your loan is due, all you need to do is to make available the exact amount of the loan in your bank account to pay back.

    Mobile App

    Yes for Android users, you can use this link here to download Payconnect loan mobile app for easier transaction

    Customer Care

    To contact payconnect here are the details:

    • Phone: +2349062547700 (Calls Only)
    • Whatsapp: +2348141181047 (Whatsapp Only)
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Website:
    • Office Address: No.31A Botswana Road, Barnawa Kaduna South. Kaduna State

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