How to start pap Business (Custard Production)

    How To Start Pap Business

    If you need the most easiest way to start a successful pap business in Nigeria, then this article will explicitly enumerate some trusted steps that are worthwhile.

    Truth be told, you can’t venture into pap business and regret. The business is lucrative and profitable; most especially in the South and/or Western part of the country.

    While everyone is striving to become their own boss, your ability to think of a not-too-stiffed business opportunity like this pap business will take you into the promised land.

    Pap business in Nigeria

    You don’t just go to the market to buy some stuff and start making pap — either akamu or production of powdered pap. There are few things that need to be taken into consideration (other than pap business plan) and they are as follows:

    1. Business Niche

    The pap business may seem rather to simple but in reality, it entails many things. You need to have a definite business niche before you kick-start the business.
    There are niches like the pap powder production, early morning ogi or akamu sales, etc. Your ability to choose which of the available niches will contribute immensely to the business success.

    2. Start-up Capital

    Having choose a definite niche, it’s also important you note that the pap business will require not-too-intensive start-up capital.
    Although the investment capital is not fixed, but at least, you’ll need money to buy some needed raw materials such as cereals.
    So if you are fully ready for this, then let’s move to the next step on how to start pap business in Nigeria.

    3. Feasibility study/market survey

    Carrying out a market survey is also necessary if you really want to establish a very profitable pap business.
    You need to know who your potential customers are, where to find them and the time of the day they’ll be longing to drink your pap — if you’ll be selling akamu.
    Also, you need to know if your target audience will like it better if you use maize or millet or guinea corn during the pap production processes.
    Also, you need to know the price of all the available cereals such as maize, sorghum and millet plus all other important raw materials that’ll be needed for the pap powder production or whatever niche you’ll be venturing into.

    4. Location

    If you’ll be selling hot ogi or akamu, it’s very important you choose a perfect location for the business. You should consider a commercial environment like market or motor park first because that’s where most of your ideal customers are.

    5. Get all the needed stuff

    If you’ll be selling akamu, other than the cereals, you’ll also need to get a tank where you’ll be storing water, buckets and basins, big pots, Gas or any means of generating fire, pap processing machine (optional), Siever (for the blended millet or corn) etc.
    Once you have all these ready, then you’re indeed ready to go.

    6. Get started

    If you sincerely follow all the steps above, then you can start your pap business in Nigeria without encountering any problem or difficulty along the way.

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