How to Apply for Lydia Loan in Nigeria

    Lydia Loan In Nigeria, Interest Rate, Requirements, Application

    Lidya loan is one of the leading financial service platforms launched in November 2016 in Nigeria. Lidya loans offer loan services to take care of your business and other personal needs.


    Lydia loan has several categories of loans with different requirement depending on what category of loan you want, but the basic requirement includes:

    1. An activated or functioning bank account with BVN
    2. An upload of your 6-month bank statement.

    To apply for a business loan on this platform, you will have to provide proof of ownership to the business and your business must be around 3 to 6 months old.

    They offer loan services to already established businesses and not startups. One intriguing fact about the Lidya loan is that no collateral is required, just ensure that you have a good credit record as these would save you during the scrutinization period.

    How to apply

    Application for the Lidya loan is quite simple, just ensure you follow the steps I will be providing below

    1. Visit the Libya website to sign up (provide the necessary details required)

    2. You will be provided with several categories of loan, choose the category that best suits your request.

    3. After you must have signed up, ensure that your loan is deposited into your Lidya account.

    It’s quite simple, right? Compared to the application process of other financial platforms.


    1. No guarantor or collateral is needed.
    2. Your loan application is granted between the space of 24-48 hours.
    3. Their interest rate is very low
    4. Their repayment method is flexible


    1. They do not offer loans to start up
    2. You must pay during the specific time allocated, else you face the law

    Loan offers

    Lydia loan offers an instant loan option where if your application is accepted, you get credited 14 days after the confirmation, but you will need to pay back your loans within three months.

    Your monthly dues will be debited within 30, 60, and 90 days after the application. One unique thing about the Lydia loan is that you can cancel the loan within the 14 days window period following the confirmation date of the loan before it is delivered to you.

    Beyond disbursement of loans, Lidya financial services also works as a digital partner for SME’s.
    They provide a digital account to users where they are able to keep track on the database of their customers.

    Contact detail

    If you encounter any problem or issue during your application process, you can reach out to the Lydia customer service via their social media handles




    Visit them @

    Mobile app

    Lydia loans presently do not have a mobile app for their application process, you have to visit their website at

    Their branch office is situated at Oko Awo Street, Victoria Island, Lagos state.

    Since its launch in 2016, Lidya has expended over 2000 business loans in hospitality, real estate, technology, farming, and much more.

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