Keystone Mobile Banking App: 10 Transactions you can perform

    Keystone Bank

    The Keystone bank is a licensed, well known commercial bank in Nigeria. It was founded in 2011, with its headquarters in Lagos. It currently has 154 branches plus two subsidiaries and one local insurance company.

    The bank as been recently praised for its charitable deed of donating a billion naira to fight the raging COVID-19 virus.

    The Keystone bank launched a new app on February 2018, which was built with the aim of making its customers to bank with so much convenience. The app is available for download on our mobile device app store, just search for Keystone mobile app. 

    Features of the Keystone mobile banking app

    On the play Store, the app is currently rated 3.6 ?. Apart from the stress, it saves the customers, it also has other interesting features.

    In this article, I’ll be showing you ten(10) of these features.

    Open an account instantly

    instead of going all the way to the bank to create an account, you can easily do that with the Keystone mobile banking app. This feature of its is well appreciated by its users as it has saved a lot of stress.

    Enable or disable ATM card

    Its gives user the control over their debit card, if by chance the card gets missing, the user can temporarily disable the card and enable it when found. This would keep the account safe from third-party, especially against international deductions and auto-renewal subscriptions.

    Check your account balance

    This enables user to know the status of their account, that is, know the amount of money in their account. Before, this could only be done by the use of the ATM, all thanks to the app, now this can be done right there in the comfort of your home or office.

    Contact relationship manager

    Allows user to communicate with the account officer in case of any encountered problem.

    Bank on the go with Chat Bot

    The chat bot is a computer program, designed to converse with user as if it were an human, it responds to the user in a way that a customer care agent would. What it does is that It guides users on transaction issues.

    Book a fixed deposit account

    This option in the banking app allows various users to book a fixed deposit account. The ease at which this can be done encourages customers to invest their money in the bank.

    Airtime top-up

    This is a really cool feature that now makes it possible for users to recharge airtime from their home, workplace, you name it. This airtime recharge is not limited to just a network provider, it cuts across the four major providers in Nigeria; MTN, 9mobile, Airtel and Glo.

    Money transfer to other banks

    With the Keystone mobile banking app, various transfers can be easily done. The transfer it offers is not only intra-bank but also interbank in the sense that, transfers are not limited to Keystone bank accounts but also other banks around the country. This has really aided convenience and has saved customers the stress of going to the bank for the transfer.

    Buy movie tickets

    The app allows users to buy various trending movie tickets with ease. This is an advantage over those that don’t have the mobile banking app

    Payment of bills

    Various payments that a user could wish to make such as DSTV subscription can be easily done through the mobile banking app. As long as such company or establishment is in cooperation with the Keystone bank.

    Here are some of the features of the Keystone mobile banking app, I hope you enjoyed this article. For more, keep a check on this site.

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