Jaiz Bank Cardless Withdrawal: Cash out money from ATM without Card

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    Jaiz Bank is an Islamic related kind of Bank operating under the Principles of Islam with strictly prohibits interests. Jaiz Bank was founded in the year 2003 but was made available in Nigeria around the year 2011.

    It is a bank that mainly deals with Online Banking, which requires the internet and Smartphone to operate. How then can you perform a cardless withdrawal from your Jaiz Bank account?

    Of course, there’s no Jaiz Bank ATM you might want to ask. I haven’t seen one either. Which means you’ll be using other banks ATM to withdraw money from your Jaiz Bank account.

    What and what exactly do I need to do to perform a cardless withdrawal from my Jaiz account?

    • Bring out your Smartphone
    • Turn on your data or Wi-Fi
    • Download Jaiz Mobile Banking App from play store, Apple Store, or Blackberry World depending on your phone.
    • After Downloading the app, open it, and create your Jaiz account by inputting your details such as name, mobile number, etc.
    • After that, an activation code will be sent to the mobile number you used during your registration (Which is yours)
    • Send your activation code as an SMS to 20210 to complete your registration.
    • Now Log on to your Jaiz account via the mobile application and set up your transaction pin.
    • Well done! You are now ready to use your Jaiz Bank account.

    Operating the Jaiz Bank through the mobile application is very easy and self-explanatory. Every detail you need to perform any transaction, including cardless withdrawal, is all explained in the mobile app. Good luck and happy banking with Jaiz!

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