How to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN


    In this short guide, I’ll be showing the detailed steps to initiate an Airtime transfer from your MTN line to another MTN line. The process is not so difficult especially for users who have been with the MTN network for quite some time. But for those who just be joining the network or are yet to get familiar with all the little stuff on the network, here is a guide to help you.

    MTN remains one of the largest telecoms in Nigeria today with over 70 million subscribers, reports have it that the African telco is the largest in Africa with over 200 million subscribers spread across the continent in more than 20 countries. The company hails from South Africa and it’s headquartered in Jo’burg.

    Today, we are not writing about the history of MTN as a company neither are we talking about the company’s timeline nor milestone achievements, we want to address a pressing need for MTN users in Nigeria and that is precisely; how to transfer MTN airtime from one MTN line to Another MTN line.

    Before you can transfer from MTN to MTN, you must first ensure that you don’t have any outstanding on either of the two MTN lines or the process can hit a rock end, basically, the MTN line that is sending the airtime and the one receiving should not be owing MTN.

    Steps to Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

    The MTN Share and Sell isn’t a tariff plan, therefore, there is no migration code for you to get on the package. However, you can activate this option on our phone and transfer airtime seamlessly to MTN subscribers.

    There are two ways you can register for the Share ‘n” Sell offer. They are:

    You can do it through SMS format by sending ‘Default PIN New PIN New PIN to 777. The default PIN for all MTN subscribers is ‘0000’. For instance, if your PIN for transfer is 0929, you will send in this format: ‘0000 0929 0929’ to 777.

    You can as well dial the code. Dial 600Default PINNew PINNew PIN# on your smartphone. For instance, if your PIN is registered as 0929, you will dial in this format: 6000000009290929#.

    Once you have registered successfully, you then transfer your airtime. There are two ways to send your airtime in your MTN line. They are:

    Through SMS method Here, You’re required to only enter ‘Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount, Transfer PIN’ to 777. For instance, if you want to send airtime of N700, send ’Transfer 09032238757 700 0929’ to 777. After sending, you will receive a message to confirm the transfer. To confirm, send ‘YES’ to 777.

    You can also send by dialling this code: 600Recipient’s numberAmountTransfer PIN#. For example, if you want to send N500 from your phone, just dial 600090322387575000929# and send. After this is done, you will get an SMS informing you of the successful completion of the transfer.

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