How to Track Orders on Forever 21

    How To Track Forever 21 Orders

    A detailed guide on how to track your orders on forever 21. If you have ordered some clothing and accessories and you are looking for ways to be able to follow up on your orders we have put this guide together for you on how to get that done.

    The process is not so far fetched and here is how to go about it.

    1. The first thing you need to do is to proceed to the forever 21 websites.

    2. Use the person icon on the right side of the website to log into your customer dashboard.

    3. Look for the past orders menu, find the particular order you’d like to track, to see your shipping information about the expected product, you just need to click on the tracking number in front of the recently ordered product.

    4. You can also check your order status on forever 21 without logging into your account.

    To go about this, navigate to the footer area of the website and find the ‘order status’ menu.

    1. You’d be required to input your email address and the order number of the item you want to track, this will then redirect you to a page where you’re able to see detailed tracking information of your item.

    You’ll be able to see all the related information such as the company handling the shipping, the tracking number, the date of shipment and the expected date of arrival for your product.

    in case your order is yet to be shipped all you have to do is just cool off and check back later.

    About forever 21

    Forever 21 is a United States-based fashion retailer of with 2.7 billion dollar revenue. The company which has over 32000 employees was founded in 1984.

    The story retails both men and women clothing and accessories. and operate over 800 retail outlets across the globe in countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, Canada, Philippines and other parts of Europe.

    The company that became Forever 21, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Do Won (Don) Chang and his wife Jin Sook Chang. Don Chang immigrated from South Korea to the United States in 1981. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, he worked three jobs to save money to open the first store. Originally named Fashion 21, the first store was 900 square feet and was located on Figueroa Street in Los Angeles. Over the next few years, Chang opened more stores, and the chain was finally called Forever 21.

    Forever 21, Inc. owns a network of discount apparel stores that appeal to millennial girls and young women. It’s around 400 markets, most of them in retail stores and high traffic malls. The specialty of Forever 21 is low-priced, low-cost: the new patterns.   In addition to its initial Forever 21 chain, the company’s flagship stores, Forever XXI, are larger and have a broader range, including men’s products. For Love 21, a different chain specializes in accessories. Approximately 60 per cent of production is based in the United States, enabling the company to introduce new trends to the market in a matter of weeks.

    In March 1987, Forever 21 was incorporated in California. Chang appointed himself the CEO of the new company, while his beautician spouse eventually took over merchandising. Their mission was to introduce new fashions to the working masses at a low cost.

    While other clothing firms sourced goods overseas to keep costs down, Forever 21 chose to partner with domestic manufacturers. This helped the company to get the latest fashions on the shelves well ahead of its competitors.

    The first mall-based store opened in 1989. At the time the company had 11 units with an average of 5,000 square feet. They were all based in California until 1995, when one of them opened at Miami’s Mall of Americas. By the end of the decade, Forever 21 had up to 100 stores, about 9,000 square feet or more.

    In 2001, the company launched the Forever XXI model. Located in major metro areas such as Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago, these new flagship stores were very large, with an average of 24,000 square feet.

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