How to Stop MTN Data Auto Renewal in Ghana


    Welcome again to TLP. Today we want to share with you the simple method to Stop MTN data Auto-renewal for Ghana Subscribers.

    First, before we proceed to show you how to get things done, let’s first consider how it works. The essence of introducing the auto-renewal feature for users by MTN Ghana and other telcos in the country is to make it possible for subscribers and users on their networks to make sure you do not run out of the subscription, you may not be aware of how much of data is remaining, but with the auto-renewal service you get topped before your data with your airtime balance before your data finish, that way you do not have to do it manually.

    This route offers some advantage such as enjoying data rollover and less stressful too, if you have some data left of your subscription, as soon as you renew the plan you’re on your data is added up to your new subscription so you enjoy the total value of both your previous and new data subscription.

    I know what you may be thinking right now, and that’s if data renewal is for everyone, and I agree with you that it may not truly be for everyone, as the saying goes that fingers are not equal, not everyone can afford to have their mobile phone always funded with airtime. So, for this purpose, many still prefer to do their thing by themselves without the network automating the process for them.

    But the issue is the network providers sometimes activate auto-renewal for their subscribers, especially MTN and others, it’s why we are making this guide, to show you how you can simply deactivate the automated data renewal.

    Steps to Deactivate MTN Ghana Data Bundles

    Excluding users on fiber broadband and those on Turbonet data packages you can deactivate MTN data auto-renewal service by simply sending an SMS ‘Stop’ to 138.

    IN Ghana MTN Turbonet data packages will henceforth not expire so it need not automatically renew.  As for Turbonet data packages, MTN Ghana has also removed the auto-renew feature off the Turbonet USSD Menu

    Sending stop to 138 on MTN in Ghana will deactivate automatic renewals for most of the MTN data packages including:

    • MTN Basic Packages
    • video bundles.
    • Kokrooko bundles
    • social media bundles
    • Midnight bundles
    • Daily bundles
    • monthly bundles
    • MTN Special offers
    • weekly bundles

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