How to register Your device on zenith bank app

Zenith Bank

Our guide today revolves around Zenith Bank mobile banking app, precisely we will be showing you how you can register your mobile device on the Zenith Bank banking app in simple and easy steps.

Zenith Bank Internet banking is a user-friendly mobile banking platform designed by Zenith Bank Plc in order to offer banking services on-the-go to customers with time or location limits. The platform can be used to perform all basic transactions 24/7.


1. Download the Zenith Mobile app from Google Play Store

2. Launch the App on your mobile phone

3. Click on the register button

4. Key in your account number

5. In the next screen, you’d be asked to select your preferred mode of registration which is either Hardware token, OTP, or Debit card, pick the one that best applies to you then supply the required information after you have chosen an option

6. Create your unique password and PIN to complete your registration on the Zenith mobile banking app.


What you can do on Zenith Bank Mobile App

  1. heck your account balance
  2. Purchase data/airtime
  3. See daily report of incoming and outgoing transactions on your account
  4. Make Intra and interbank fund transfers
  5. See statement of account
  6. Print transactional receipts
  7. Pay Utility bills such as Electricity, Visa, travel, etc.
  8. Use customer support and send direct feedbacks to Zenith customer desk
  9. Subscribe and renew cable TV subscriptions

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  1. It is not easy to register device ,have been trying it for the past two days now . I don’t know why u are making it difficult.

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