How to Place an Order on Kikuu Ghana

    How To Place An Order On Kikuu Ghana

    Kikuu Ghana is An online e-commerce shopping mall, where you can shop for virtually everything, ranging from kid’s toys, mobile phones, fashion clothing, electronics, wristwatches, etc.

    Kikuu was founded in Ghana in 2017, the major aim of kikuu is to make trading between China (the world’s largest production country) and the continent of Africa very easy, this has made kikuu to have a presence in 12 African countries.

    One of the best thing that makes kikuu stands out, which also makes her customers shop in her online platform without fear is her payment system tag K- pay, this system prevent a customer from paying into a wrong account or being defrauded.

    In this article, I would share with you how you can place an order from kikuu from the comfort of your home.

    Steps to place order on Kikuu online Shop

    1. You will have to download the App on Google play store.
    2. Register either with your Mobile number or email address.

    3. Create a username for yourself and provide a very strong password.

    4. A confirmation message will be sent to you either via your email or mobile number.

    5. On the platform through the App, search for the good you desire to purchase.

    6. Click on buy.

    7. A form would be displayed on your screen where you would be asked to fill up the following details jointly called “shipping address”.
      a. Your Name

    b. Mobile number

    c. Home address

    d. City of residence or where you want the goods to be shipped to.

    e. Method of delivery either home delivery or pick up at a delivery post.

    1. Click on save and then click ship to this address.

    2. Another form suggesting a payment option would be displayed on your screen.

    3. Choose your mode of payment then make payment and your goods would be delivered to you.

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