How to Pay for Kaduna Electric Online (Postpaid & Prepaid users)

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    This guide is to help you understand how you can make Kaduna Electric payment online conveniently from the comfort of your office or home.  Postpaid and prepaid users can use the online payment systems t make their payments or recharge their electricity unit as the case may be.

    Kaduna electricity or Kaduna Discos payment can be paid online without having to necessarily register on the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company Portal. All you need is your Meter number if you are a prepaid customer and your account number if you are a postpaid customer.

    Kaduna Electric is one of the 11 electricity distribution companies in Nigeria that oversee the distribution of power in the North Central region.

    Her franchise or license allows her to handle the distribution, marketing and maintenance of electricity in the Kaduna Zone. The states under the Zone are Makera, Sokoto, Doka, Gusau, Birnin Kebbi, and Zaria Districts. Kaduna Disco is responsible for maintaining 37 number 33 KV and 107 number 11 KV circuits.

    The distribution company operates 79 number 33/11 KV substations and 2, 007 number 11/0.415 KV supply substations making it one of the largest electricity distribution companies in Nigeria that serve large households.

    Kaduna Electric Online Payment of Postpaid & Prepaid Bill

    Postpaid Customers of Kaduna electric can now make their payments online, the company has adopted an online payment system to make sure users don’t have to go through unnecessary stress of having to visit payment agent shops or outlets before they can make payments for their electric consumption.

    Prepaid meter users can also use the same platform to recharge or buy their desired unit amount. They will be served a prepaid token that will be logged in to the prepaid meter to get the actual unit paid for. You can initiate the payment easily on your mobile or laptop once you have internet connections and your meter or account number.

    How to Pay for Kaduna Prepaid & Postpaid via


    • 2. Select your region which is Kaduna


    • 3. Enter Your Meter number
    • 4. Enter how much electricity you want to buy
    • 5. Enter your name and Email
    • 6. On the next screen supply your payment information.
    • 7. You will receive a message confirming your unit purchase.
    • 8. Be sure to enter your correct phone number and email you will use that to get your tokens which will be used to recharge your meter.

    How to Pay for Kaduna Electric VIA Pay Outlet

    Another online pay outlet for Kaduna Electric is payoutlet. To make payment to Kaduna Electric Distribution Company (KAEDCO) via payoutlet follow the steps below:

    1. Open the browser on your mobile phone or PC and visit
    2. Select Product which is Prepaid meter or Postpaid meter (account number)
    3. Key in your meter number in the nex tab below it
    4. Add a transaction remark if necessary
    5. Input your email Address
    6. confirm your details is correct on the next screen
    7. Input your debit/credit card details to make payment
    8. Wait to receive confirmation that your payment is successful

    How to Make Kaduna Electric payment online VIA Quickteller

    1. Open up your browser and visit
    2. Input your meter number
    3. Input the amount of unit you wish to buy for your prepaid
    4. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete your transaction

    How to Make Kaduna Electric payment online VIA iRecharge

    To make KAEDCO electric payment VIA iRecharge, follow the guide below:

    1. Open your web browser and visit
    2. Key in your phone number
    3. On the next screen, select your State
    4. Select whether Prepaid or Postpaid
    5. Input your meter number
    6. Input the amount you wish to pay/buy
    7. supply your email address and phone number
    8. Click on the green ‘SUBMIT’ button
    9. You will be taken to the next screen where your

    We hope we have helped both prepaid and post KAEDCO electric customers to make their payments online easily.

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