How to pay for GOTV using 737

    Gt 737

    In a bid to give her customers a favourable banking experience, GTBank has made it easy for you to pay for your GOTV subscription using her magic code ‘*737#’.

    There are many ways you can make payment for your GOTV subscription renewal in Nigeria. Apart from Quickteller, POS agents and some other payment solutions company, you can pay for GOTV using the GTBank USSD code.

    Find out how you can make payment for your GOTV subscription using the GT Bank USSD code. Keep reading to find out.

    Steps to pay for GOTV subscription using 737 GT Mobile banking

    First and foremost, you must be a customer of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) and you must have enrolled for the USSD banking service. Also, your mobile number must be the same as the one you used to create your GTBank account. Once all this is done, you can proceed to make payment for your GOTV subscription.

    • Dial *737# on your mobile phone.
    • Select the ‘6’ option from the menu to pay for Cable TV subscription.
    • Enter your GOTV IUC number and follow the prompts.
    • You’ll find the following packages: Access, Compact, Family, Premium HD Xtraview, Compact plus, Compact HD Xtraview, Premium, GOTV plus, GOTV value, GOTV max and GOTV lite. Select your preferred package.
    • Enter your 4-digit PIN to make the payment.

    Once the transaction is completed, your payment will be processed and your subscription will be activated. Paying your GOTV subscription using the GTB 737 code is great because it doesn’t come with extra charges and additional fees. Most importantly, it is simple to do and it doesn’t require internet access.

    The GTBank USSD code works 24/7 and it can be used to complete other transactions such as checking account balance, cash withdrawal, airtime purchase, bill payment, cash transfer, DSTV payment and lots more.

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