How to migrate to Mtn zone


    Are you looking for how to get cheap calls on the MTN network? These days, people complain that they do not get enough time for voice and phone calls especially with the introduction of VAT on phone calls.

    If you are in search of a tariff plan to make calls at cheap prices and discount rates, then permit me to introduce you to the MTN Zone Plan.

    The MTN Zone Plan is a prepaid tariff plan which allows MTN customers to enjoy making phone calls at low rates. In this article, we will provide you with the way to migrate or subscribe to the MTN Zone Plan.

    Codes to Migrate to MTN Zone Plan

    You can migrate to the MTN zone plan by dialling 1351#. After dialling this code, you will receive a message which will confirm your migration to MTN Zone.

    • Registration code: Dial *135*1#
    • Plan Menu: Dial *135#
    • Tariff Plan: Dial *135*2#
    • Tariff Rate: Dial *135*3#
    • Cell broadcast set-up info: Dial *135*4#
    • Notification off: Dial 135*6#
    • Notification on: Dial *135*5#


    This tariff plan is only available to all prepaid customers on the MTN network. The rates ranges from 2k/sec, 4k/sec, 8k/sec, 12k/secs, 16k/secs, 20k/secs and at times, upward to 30k/sec.

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