How to migrate to Mtn extra value


    MTN Xtra Value service is a plan that enables you to browse the internet and make phone calls to various numbers. If you are a frequent user of the internet, you will find this plan helpful in getting airtime to surf the net and also make calls to people.

    Surely, the MTN Xtra Value is one of the best tariff plans ever introduced by MTN. Luckily, the plan is available for all MTN prepaid customers, hence, you can migrate to MTN Xtra Value without purchasing a new SIM card.

    MTN Xtra Value offers you a large credit for voice calls and data. These bundles are categorized into two namely; XtraTalk and XtraData.

    How to Migrate to Mtn Xtra value Tariff Plan

    MTN Xtra Value has different plans which come at different prices. You can migrate to any plan of your choice by simply dialling *131*2#.

    After you must have successfully subscribed to a plan, you’ll be migrated to the XtraValue tariff plan. Subsequently, an XtraValue bundle account will be created and this account will be funded automatically.

    If you are an MTN prepaid customer, you can migrate to the MTN XtraValue tariff plan when you purchase or subscribe to any of the available bundles.

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