How to migrate to Glo Oga sim plan

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    Glo has been generous in terms of its cheap data plans and data bonuses. They seem to have one of the cheapest and most affordable internet data plans for Nigerians.

    Despite that, the company isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Already, Glo has launched its OGA SIM package in the telecommunication market. With the Glo OGA SIM plan, Glo customers & users can enjoy up to 125% bonus on data renewals.

    That is, they get about 125% data bonus each time they renew their internet data plans. Cool isn’t it?

    How To Migrate to Glo Oga SIM

    You can enjoy the awesome benefits of the Glo Oga SIM by purchasing a new Glo SIM. However, this plan is not exclusive to new customers.

    Existing customers who have not used data will enjoy the benefits when they purchase data for the first time. Also, Glo customers whose data plans expired more than three months (90 days) will also benefit.

    • To migrate to Glo Oga SIM offer, simply dial *777# to see the menu.
    • Alternatively, you can visit the website on any internet-enabled device.

    Here is all you need to know about migrating to the Glo Oga SIM offer. Always ensure that you renew your data or set ut to auto-renew before the date for data renewal.






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