How to migrate to Glo jumbo

    Glo Logo

    Glo is a leading telecom network provider in Nigeria, they offer telecommunication services at competitive prices. Globacom remains a favourite among phoner users and internet users in Nigeria. Widely acclaimed to be the Grandmasters of data, Glo provides internet data at ridiculously low rates.

    Apart from the bumper data plans offered by Glo, they have different varieties of tariff plans and awesme packages for her customers. One of them is Glo Jumbo.

    All new and prospective Glo customers can purchase the Glo Jumbo SIM which comes with a whooping N200,000 credit to send messages, call and browse the internet. If you are an existing or old customer, you can still migrate to the Glo Jumbo plan and enjoy the same benefits enjoyed by the new customers.

    How To Migrate To Glo Jumbo

    The Glo Jumbo migration code is 224#, hence, simply dial *224# on your phone to migrate to Glo Jumbo. Most importantly, you should be aware that the validity of the N200,000 preloaded credit is 6 months. Dial *12223# to check unlocked bonus airtime and 12224# to check your bonus balance.

    One you get the bonus, you will enjoy sending messages, browsing the internet and making phone calls to your relatives, family and friends who are also on the Glo network.

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