How to know your Glo number (in one minute)

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    I guess you are here because you want to learn how to know your Glo number and of course, by coming down here you’ll surely see the most viable ways to do that.

    Globacom is an indigenous mobile network provider that has been in the Nigeria Telecommunication industry for decades and the network — ever since its inception — has been widely celebrated.

    Being one of the leading network providers in Africa, Glo is known for its affordable call tariffs and data plans. Hence, the telecommunication company has one of the largest users in Africa.

    How To Know My Glo Number

    So if you misplaced your SIM pack or can’t find your Glo number anywhere, to be discussed are the authentic methods you can follow to know your Glo number without stress.

    Method #1: Via a USSD Number (*135*8#)

    The first method to use on how to know your Glo number is by dialing the Globacom USSD code. This method is as simple and easy as it is.

    Plus, this way of checking your Glo number doesn’t require any charges. It’s a toll free service.

    So to do this, kindly open your phone dialer and dial 1358# and send. Voila… Your Glo mobile number will be displayed on your phone screen.

    Method #2: Calling Friend

    This method of checking your Glo number is obviously the most easiest means of doing so. To do this, you’ll need to have a token — even if it’s as little as a naira — on your SIM card balance.

    With that, call any of your friends that’s near you regardless of the mobile network he is using and your Glo number would appear on his mobile phone.

    Thus, you can get the number from him and save it on your phone book, diary or anywhere you feel it’s safe.

    Method #3: Via a Call Number

    Another interesting way to know your Glo number as devised by Glo Nigeria is by simply dialing the Glo Call number via 1244.

    The moment you call the number on your phone dialer app, you’ll receive a voice prompt from one of their customer service agent who’ll read out your number severally.

    However, you have to get a pen and a sheet of paper — as a means of jotting — ready besides you before you dial the number.

    Although the number will be read aloud severally, you still need to be attentive so as to write the correct thing.

    Method #4: Through Glo Official Webpage

    For the internet lovers, this particular method on how to know your Glo number will be easier for you.

    All that is required of you is to visit the Glo official webpage with that your Glo SIM card.

    Wait till the page is efficiently loaded and your Glo number will be displayed at the top right edge of the page.

    Bottom line

    If you have any other effective and viable method on how to know your Glo number, kindly say it by using the comment section. Thanks!

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