How to Gift Glo Data bundle in 2021

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    Glo is recognized as the only Nigerian owned telecommunication service and its debut as one of the largest telecommunication services in the country.

    It offers one of the best and cheapest data plan compared to other telecommunication services such as MTN, Airtel and 9mobile, but the majority of its users have complained of poor internet network in some part of the country and this is being solved by the provision of the 4G LTE network which offers superfast connectivity.

    Steps to Gift Glo data

    Gone are the days when gifting of data or airtime was a very difficult or almost impossible task to carry out.
    With the recent development in the telecommunication service, Gifting of data is now something that can be accessed by virtually everyone, as long as you know how to go about it, for those who do not know how to gift data on Glo, this post was made purposely for you.

    Data gifting is usually a second option for people who do not want to share their subscriptions or data.
    It like subscribing to a data bundle in someone else’s name.

    Gifting data on Glo is a very easy thing to do, but before we forge ahead, there are a few things needed to be able to carry out this process

    1. The recipient number ( this is the number of the person you intend to gift the Glo data subscription)

    2. What plan the recipient is subscribing to

    3. The code to carry out the subscription

    Now let’s proceed

    To gift a Glo data you can either go through the Glo world mobile app and follow the proceedings there


    Dial 127(USSD Plan number)* recipient number)#

    For instance, if you want to gift the 1000 Naira monthly plan to 08054698786, simply dial *127*53*08054698786#.
    This is because the code for subscribing to the 1000 Naira monthly plan is *127*53#
    2000 Naira monthly plan is *127*55#
    2500 Naira monthly plan is *127*58#
    and for the 3000 monthly plan dial *127*54#


    Simply send “Gift (recipient number) to 127 and follow the procedure or instruction given.

    Let’s say you want to gift the aforementioned number a Glo data subscription, simply type Gift (recipient number), and send to 127.

    You can also visit from your device and use their gifting feature.

    On, you can view your transaction history and the general invoices of your transaction on their portal

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