How to Get MTN Quick Loan (MTN XtraCash)


    Do you know that with your MTN SIM card you can get a quick loan from MTN service?

    Well, if you’re hearing this for the first time, then stick to this guide as it explained succinctly on how to get MTN quick loan via the MTN XtraCash plan.

    Be enlightened that MTN XtraCash is a plan that gives eligible MTN subscribers a short-term Micro Credit loans using the USSD platform with mobile phones right from the comfort of their home.

    Steps o Apply for MTN XtraCash To Borrow Money.

    To get MTN quick loan directly to your bank account, endeavor to follow the steps to be highlighted below:

    Step 1: Dial *606#
    To borrow real money from MTN network provider, you must be an eligible customer to the XtraCash plan and to become one, simply dial *606# which is the official MTN Cash Loan code.

    Step 2: Select XtraCash
    Once you dialed the USSD code, you’ll see some prompt instructions on your phone screen, then click on the XtraCash menu to get quick loans from MTN.

    Step 3: Apply for the loans
    After you must have clicked on the XtraCash menu showing your interest in the MTN loan, you will be taken to another page where you will select the option to get the MTN loan.

    Step 4: Choose your preferred amount
    Here, some tune of amount of money that you are eligible to borrow at the moment will be shown to you and then, you’ll be asked to select your preferred choice after which you’ll submit the application.

    Thus, immediately your XtraCash application is successful, you’ll receive a message stating that your MTN Yello account has be credited.

    How Much Loan Can I Get From MTN XtraCash?

    As a MTN user that is eligible to borrow real money from the network provider, you can get a loan of N5,000 — N10,000 based on your loan eligibility.

    How Do I Receive The Borrowed Cash From MTN?

    Since we said you can borrow real money from MTN, then it is incumbent on us to explain how to receive the cash loan.
    Once your application to get the quick cash is successful, the loan will be paid directly to your Diamond Yello Account.
    However, if you don’t have the account yet, you can dial *710# to open the Diamond Yello Account on your phone. Lastly, the MTN XtraCash quick loan has 15% interest rate with 30 days maturity period.

    You should by now be able to apply and get yourself some quick loans from MTN service without waiting out on anyone to help you do it. Feel free to use the comments section clarification (if any).

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