How to Donate on Twitch (Bits, Paypal, App, Paid Subscriptions)

    How to Donate on Twitch

    Hi you’re welcome to my blog. Today I’ll do like to share with you how to donate on twitch.

    There a lot of fascinating streamers on twitch which is the largest game streaming network in the world. it’s a platform for popular gaming phenomenons, the gaming revolution streaming network was established in 2011, without bothering you with too many details, Let’s look in to How to to set up donate on Twitch.

    There are lots of Professionals streamers who have been doing a good job on the twitch network, many of them spend as much as 12 hours or more streaming live trying to entertain their followers by giving the best of their content which is showing their game play prowess.

    They show, teach exemplify their skills playing their favourite games and they hope to earn money by doing so.

    If you have been looking for a way to encourage your favourite twitch streamer by donating  to them but you are having difficulty doing that, then this guide will come in handy.

    In the next few lines below, I’ll be showing you how you can donate to your favourite twitch streamer and offer them support in different ways which may be in cash and other methods.

    Now let me start by saying that, the twitch streaming network has made it possible for twitch-partnered streamers to get donations from other Twitch users in different methods, some of which include donating bits, donating money, time donation, Twitch gifted Subs, and paid subscriptions ad-free viewing, special alerts, exclusive chatrooms etc,

    So for the purpose of this article we will keep to those three at the moment.

    Donate Money

    The most popular and perceived valuable way to encourage your twitch streamer is to donate money to them, this has been the most popular way by which other twitch users try to encourage streamers.

    This is done by sending some money directly to the wallet of the twitch streamer’s credit card or paypal email in order to say kudos to him and appreciate the work his/her work on platform.

    This real money tips is benefitted directly by only the streamer, tips from PayPal to streamers are absolutely free of cut or any percentage for the Twitch network.

    So many streamers will always prefer tiping as the best form of donation from the their audience

    This type of money donation can be sent directly to the twitch streamer via PayPal email address the process is very simple, all you need to do is:

    1. First, login to your Twitch account
    2. Then try to find the channel of the streamer you wish to send your donations to.
    3.  Find the donate button on the channel of the Twitch streamer. It is usually located to the bottom, so once you have find the button
    4. Click on it and supply your details on the next window
    5. Key in your username and amount you wish to donate to the Twitch streamer, you can as well add some message to the donation, once that is done..
    6. Click on the donate button and you will be instantly redirected to page showing your donation is successful.

    Donate Bits to Twitch streamers

    Bits are a virtual currency that is made available on the twitch platform to appreciate streamers. Bits are used to cheat streamers, 1 bit is 1c and streamers need to accumulate $100 worth of bits before it can be withdrawn from the system.

    New streamers are made to wait to withdraw their bits unlike prominent streamers who can withdraw their bits immediately. The Twitch platform makes a cut from these bits, it usually stands around 25 to 3%, the percentage is charged to keep up the platform running.

    Bit donors also get what is called emotes and chest chat badges when they donate in bits, emotes are in different shapes and comes when with a thousand or higher donation. Cheer chat badges allows you to show your support for a particular channel on the Twitch gaming Network.

    Paid Subscription

    Subscribing to a Twitch channel is another brilliant and generous way to show support for your favorite streamer, the more subscribers they have the higher their exposure and achievements and this can encourage streamers to give in more and keep on dishing out their best to keep their growing supporters.

    The subscription comes in three models with payment, they are a monthly payment to Twitch Partners and Affiliates.

    Default subscription for  $4.99 USD, there are tow additional tiers that were introduced by Twitch in 2017  for $9.99 USD and $24.99 USD, payable monthly or in bulk payments for three or six-month intervals.

    Time donation

    This is very logical and also demanding, supporting your favorite twitch streamer is not only done by money tips, you can as well make out time to spend on the platform, many of this streamers spend half a day streamer, you can give it back to them by staying up with them as they showcase their best gaming tricks and skills.

    Also there is usually a donate for free which involves trying out games and application recommended by the streamers.

    Fun facts about Twitch

    • Twitch was forced a separate service under the company called
    • which is the number one game streaming platform in the world and currently Rose the gaming live streaming industry
    • Live coverage of video games and event is made possible on the twitch streaming platform
    • More than 70% of Twitch users are millennials
    • More than 50% of which partnered streamers are millionaires
    • On the twitch streaming platform, more than 12 million videos are broadcasted on a monthly basis
    • The average Twitch uses a spent close to an hour on the platform everyday
    • The most popular gaming channel on Twitch is Ninja into channel run by Richard Tyler and has more than 14.6 million followers with more than 480 million random views.

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