How to Check your MTN Number in Ghana


    In this guide, I will show you all of the fast possible means you can use to check your MTN number in Ghana. It is understandable that people who use multiple SIM cards find it very difficult to keep all of them offhand, this doesn’t happen usually when the user has just gotten a new SIM, and now that the country is filled with lots of multiple SIM smartphones, and telecom providers as well ae offering massive juicy deals on airtime tariffs and data bundles to get their fair share of the market, users are becoming more rational by keying into what works at the moment with different telecom providers, hence the need to have multiple SIM phones.

    But you will agree with me that it makes good business sense to e able to tender your phone number on request at any point time, even though you have not memories the digits offhand, in couple of lines below, I will show you all of the fast available methods you can implore to check your MTN gh number in shortest possible time.

    1. Check by calling a Call care Representative

    One of the ways you can use to check your MTN number is by calling a call care representative of the company on phone and as that they help you have your MTN phone number checked, all you need do, is to open your mobile phone’s dialing app and dial 100, follow the voice prompt then select the ideal language you would like to speak to the operatives, once you are connected to a call center agent, you simply ask for your phone number.

    I recommend that you get a pen and sheet of paper close to you or your second phone, to note the phone numbers down as it’s being spelled out to you by the call center agent. This might not be the ideal way to check your phone number with the MTN Ghana network as it takes long processes, below are faster ways to get things done.

    2. Know your MTN Ghana Number Using USSD code

    The dedicated MTN Ghana USSD code to check your mobile number in real-time is *156#, open up your mobile device, and dial the code using the SIM card in question, your phone number details will be displayed to you on the screen and also sent to your SMS inbox for future reference.

    This is a much faster route to have your MTN Ghana number checked, compared to calling the MTN office for help, usually that should be your last resolve when all of the other methods proved abortive, but in most cases, people use what methods first comes to mind, which is also a cool idea.

    3. Check for your MTN SIM pack

    Another super-fast way to check for your MTN number is to check your SIM pack, when you first get your MTN Ghana SIM, you were handed a SIM pack that contains your SIM exoskeleton where you detached the SIM from before putting it in the mobile, usually the phone number is attached to the plastic area alongside other details such as the PUK number, etc, if you still have the pack kept safe and you’re close to where it is, this might be a life-saving method to get your number in a jiffy.

    4. Check your number by calling a friend

    If you are around a friend, and you have credit on your MTN phone, the easiest way to get things done, is by calling your closest friend, once they see your call on their phone, the number is displayed on the screen as an incoming call number, this can be a smart way for you to exchange phone number.

    5. Check your MTN Ghana Number VIA SMS

    You can as well have your MTN number checked using SMS, to do this, open the messaging app on your phone, be sure to have good connectivity, then send a message to someone close to you, you can just send something like hi, or hello to save some time, but this method and the one above which is calling a friend will work when your MTN number is recharged, But what if your MTN number is not recharged and you need to check your MTN phone number, the next method explains what to do.

    6. Know your MTN number using Call me back

    Sending call me back is done through the messaging app on your phone, but the SMS this time is sent to a dedicated code made available free for MTN numbers to receive short preformatted SMS from friends and close times. Send the recipient’s phone number to 1399 and use the send button to have your message delivered, they see your phone number as the delivery number.

    Steps to check MTN airtime/credit & data balance

    Follow the steps listed below:

    • To recharge airtime, dial *134*rechargepin#
    • Dial *124# to check MTN credit balance
    • Dial *138# to purchase data bundles
    • Dial *138*16# for see YouTube plans
    • Dial 108 to check your voicemail
    • Dial *506# if you want to borrow some MTN airtime
    • Dial *140# to see blackberry plans
    • Dial *585# to check internet settings
    • Dial *550# to make MTN free calls
    • Dial *175# to cancel all your subscription plans

    We hope you find this guide on how to check your MTN number in GHana useful. The guide is exclusively written for MTN Ghana as some of the shortcodes are made for MTN in Ghana, you if you are from Nigeria or South Africa, you can use the search tab on our website to check how to do things in your country, if you still cannot find what works for you, you are welcome to use the comment section below, we shall reply in the realest possible time.

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