How to Check Glo Ghana Phone Number & Airtime balance

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    In this guide, we’d show you easy steps to check your Glo number and credit balance in Ghana. Glo Ghana is one of the leading telecommunication networks in the country with amazing call rates,  affordable data subscriptions, fast internet speed, and many more.

    As a Glo Ghana subscriber, it’s incumbent on you to know how to check your mobile number and credit balance on the go without any problem. All these things are easy, not as complicated as you might imagine.

    However, if you don’t know how to do so; this tutorial will guide you through it in a very simpler way and manner.

    Steps to Check Glo Ghana Phone Number

    There are several available options in which you can adopt to check your Glo Ghana number and they include:

    Option #1: Dial *1244#

    To check your Glo Ghana number on the go without any delay, simply dial the above USSD code on your phone dialer using same SIM card and your mobile number will be shown to you.

    Option #2: Call a close friend

    You can equally dial up the number of a friend that is near you and the moment the number go through, hang up the call and copy out the number from that your friend’s phone. 

    Option #3: Send a text message

    You don’t have to write anything significant, just type few words and send it to any family member or friend that is with you. Once he received the sent message, open it and your number will be shown as the sender of the message.

    Option #4: Call the Globe call center

    Lastly, you can place a call on the Glo Ghana customer care service and request for your mobile number from the representative that answer your call.

    Steps to Check Glo Ghana Credit Balance

    You can check for the amount of money you’re currently having on your Glo Ghana anywhere at anytime of the day without paying a dime for the service. All you have to do is to follow any of the options below:

    Option #1: Dial *124#

    You don’t have to trouble yourself much before you check your Glo Ghana credit balance. Just type *124# on your mobile phone and press send, your credit balance will be displayed within seconds.

    Option #2: Download the Glo App

    By downloading the Glo Ghana app, you just unlock and save yourself from any trouble that might come your way on Glo Ghana network. With the app, you can check for your current balance and further information on it.


    Since you’ve learned how to check your Glo Ghana number and credit balance, don’t hesitate to try one or more of the options now.

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