How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Glo

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    Enjoying the use of the internet with data as a payment gateway can be so exciting. Some people do say, a phone without data is lifeless because you only have access to a few things.

    Well, I agree with that because we’re in a global world where everything is connected as one but can only be accessed when we have data to use as a means of payment.


    As delightful as having data might be, it becomes annoying when you get charged for data you don’t want (auto-renewal).

    Some days might be okay, while some are bad. It’s a natural phenomenon. We might have forgotten about our data immediately after purchase, not knowing that we clicked on the auto-renewal option.

    Then a day comes when we don’t have much or want to manage our resources.

    Boom, you receive a message like, “Dear customer, your data has successfully been activated in accordance with your auto-renewal. Your data will expire on  …..”

    This can be so heartbreaking. Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll be showing Glo customers how to cancel auto-renewal on your data subscription.

    Many have tried lots of steps but to no avail. Some people even went ahead to call the Glo customer service but didn’t get what they want.

    Don’t worry, today in here, consider your great problem solved.


    In other to cancel auto-renewal on Glo, you must have an active data plan because you want to cancel it. You can’t cancel what you don’t have.

    Now moving on, it is as easy as ABC. Just bring out your phone, create a message (SMS), and type CANCEL (Uppercase), and send it to 121.

    This SMS doesn’t charge, so you don’t have to worry. A few minutes later, you’ll receive an SMS from them saying something like this “Dear customer. You have opted-out successfully from our auto-renewal data service” or something similar.

    If the above-mentioned method didn’t work for you, you could as well try this second method.

    • Bring out your phone
    • Create a message (SMS)
    • Write STOP (uppercase) and send to 8811

    You should receive an SMS from them in a few minutes, telling you that your data auto-renewal has successfully been canceled.

    Lastly, if you prefer using the internet (online), the Glo network also made it possible to cancel auto-renewal on data service online.

    Here’s what you have to do;

    • Visit the Glo official website (
    • Search and click on Lifestyle Portal Online
    • Go to My Account, under the menu section
    • You’ll see something like unsubscribe from your Glo Data Pack
    • Click on it

    Congratulations, you are now free from Glo auto-renewal on data service.

    Tip: Always read before confirming any option. Don’t just click YES to any option that pops up (Very Important).

    It’s in this process that many people opt-in the auto-renewal without knowing until they start seeing the effect.

    Did this work for you? Kindly give feedback by using the comment box.

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