How to buy airtime from Union bank (USSD Code for Money transfer)

    Union Bank Of Nigeria

    Have you ever needed to purchase airtime at odd periods, probably when it is late at night or when you are facing difficulties in purchasing airtime from recharge card vendors?

    The good thing is that you can purchase airtime from your Union bank account to recharge your mobile phone.

    This system has made it possible for all Union bank customers to purchase credit and top-up their phones from their bank accounts. If you are a union bank customer, do not be left out. We have outlined two methods that you can use to purchase airtime on your mobile phone directly from your Union bank account.

    Buy Airtime From Union Bank (Internet Banking Method)

    First of all, get the Union Bank mobile app by downloading it from the Google Play Store. You can also visit the customer care support of the nearest Union bank close to you to help you get started in their internet banking.

    Login by entering your details. Click on the Buy Airtime option, choose the network, enter the amount you wish to buy, enter the phone number you need to recharge. Then, proceed by entering your PIN or password to complete the transaction. Once this is done, you will get a notification of airtime recharge on your mobile phone and your account will be deducted by the amount of credit you purchased.

    Buy Airtime From Union Bank (USSD Code Method)

    The Union Bank USSD code is 826#. You can recharge your line and buy airtime using this USSD code method. Simply dial *826amount# to recharge your line. For instance, dial 826200# and your number will be recharged with N200.

    To recharge other lines, dial 826amountphone number#. For instance, if you want to recharge the phone number of another line, simply dial 82650007068836522#.

    Hopefully, this piece will help you in buying airtime from your Union Bank account. Conclusively, we want to note that you must have sufficient funds in your union bank account to buy airtime.

    Union Bank USSD CODE For Money Transfer

    Union bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. Despite its many years of banking experience, it still fits in the modern age as they keep advancing as well. Of recent Union Bank released their USSD CODE for transactions.

    So people can get to transfer money, purchase airtime, pay bills and even more without having to visit the bank. USSD CODE makes life flexible.

    In this post, I’ll be teaching you how to transfer money from your Union Bank account to another account using their USSD CODE. Without wasting much time, let’s get to it.


    Dial *826# with your mobile or smartphone. (dial with your Union Bank registration SIM and ensure you have at least 10 nairas airtime)

    • Click on transfer money
    • Input the receiver account number and press continue
    • Choose the correct bank name
    • Confirm the account name of receiver
    • Input the amount you want to transfer (Should be an amount in your account and not above)
    • Confirm the transaction with your four digits pin.
    • There you have it. Your transfer is successful.

    In case you haven’t done a transaction with USSD CODE on your union bank before then you’ll need to sign up first. Dial *826# followed all the given instructions and set your pin. It’s as easy as ABC!

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