How to borrow credit on MTN Ghana (2021)


    Every network user likes to be on call every day and night but unfortunately, it can’t be so. There are some situations whereby you will be having an important conversation with maybe your spouse, friends, and families or with your boss discussing important issues and unfortunately your airtime get exhausted.

    How To Borrow Credit On Mtn Ghana

    You decide to go out and buy airtime but unfortunately, you couldn’t get due to lack of cash at the moment or you are in a remote place where you can’t get access to buy airtime.

    So, what will you do? You will lose that important conversation right? Or you may lose the Job you are transacting? No!  MTN network has thought about that and that’s why they make MTN Xtra Time service available for their customers to request or borrow airtime to at the comfort of their home without looking outside to buy airtime.


    MTN Xtra Time is a service that allow MTN users to borrow airtime when they are out of airtime with a payback of 10 percent.


    MTN have terms and conditions before their user can be given the privilege to request for Xtra Time service.

    The terms and conditions include:

    1. Your SIM card must be properly registered.
    2. Your SIM card must be a prepared card
    3. Your main account balance should not be more than 4 cedis at the time of requesting for airtime.
    4. You must have recharged your SIM card at least in the last six month

    If you satisfied all these terms and conditions, you can request for airtime. MTN has an automated system that deducts the borrowed airtime when next you recharge. They also gives the opportunity for customers who pay back in time to request more airtime.

    Here is the simple step to borrow airtime from MTN.

    • Dial the USSD code on your phone *506# (remember that this USSD code only it with MTN users in Ghana.
    • Select the preferred amount you want to borrow and confirm it by inputting the option number

    A message will be sent to you that you have been credited. Remember that you will be charged 10 percent of the airtime you borrowed.

    The opportunities in MTN Xtra Time service is so helpful in emergency situations and helpful during an important calling. Instead of waiting or horridly go out in search of airtime, you can borrow airtime from and payback when next you recharge.

    MTN Ghana has made it easier to borrow airtime when you are out of airtime and have provided their customers an opportunity not to be left frustrated in the middle of an important conversation.

    So If you are an MTN Ghana user and want to borrow airtime, your SIM card must be qualified for airtime request. MTN will let you know if you are not eligible for MTN Xtra Time. Once you are eligible, you will be qualified to borrow airtime.

    Enjoy MTN Xtra Time service.

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