How to apply for Palmcredit loan in Nigeria

    How To Apply For Palmcredit Loan In Nigeria

    If you are looking for a financial institution that gives quick loan without collateral, palm credit Is the right place to go.

    Palmcredit is a financial institution with an online platform, structured sorely for the giving of loans, the platform is controlled by Transfer financial Nigeria limited, one of the leading financial institution in Nigeria.

    Palmcredit offers loans with little interest rate making it one of the best online loan platforms.

    PalmCredit loan offers: How much loan can you get?

    Palmcredit offers loans up to #100,000 and with an estimated period for repayment which runs from 14 to 180days. The company is one of the top Private lenders in Nigeria.

    Palmcredit is an online platform which can only be accessed through its mobile installed app, although it has an official website applying for a loan can only be done via its app.
    The app can easily be downloaded from Google play store. Follow the below guide to get started.

    How to download Palmcredit loan app

    1) Go to “Google play store” from your Android or iOS device.

    2) search for palm credit App

    3) Download and install

    4) launch the App

    Before I write about how to apply for a loan, I would want to tell you about the palmcredit loan interest rates and repayment plans.

    Palmcredit Interest rate

    One of the main reasons why many love palm credit Loan offers is simply because of its low-interest rate.

    Palmcredit interest rate is between 14% to 24% which is equal to 4.6% monthly interest, its quite low right.


    To successfully have a loan issued to you, make sure you have the following requirement.

    BVN( Bank verification number)
    1. Your full name
    2. Telephone number
    3. Occupation details
    4. Bank Account details
    5. Your loan would be sent to your account on the app which you will have to transfer to your bank account.

    Steps to Apply for Palmcredit loan

    Follow the basic instructions in applying for loan

    1) LAUNCH THE APP: This is done after you have successfully downloaded and launched the App.

    2) REGISTER: Follow the instructions and fill every necessary information including verification of phone number.

    3) APPLYING FOR LOAN: On the App, you will see “apply for loan” option, click on it and type in the amount of money you want to apply for.

    4) WAIT FOR YOUR LOAN TO BE PROCESSED: your loan would be processed and if successful, you would be granted the loan. The processing takes just a few seconds to complete.

    Repayment Methods

    Their repayment plan is so easy and stress-free, you can easily get it done from the comfort of your home.

    You can payback by accessing their app which you used in applying for loan, click on “my loans” and select the amount you intend on paying back and then pay through your Atm card.

    The alternative mode of payment is paying through the bank, you pay directly to their bank account either through mobile transfer or directly to a cashier, this alternative form of payment is useful when you are unable to pay via the App.

    Contact Details

    For further details contact their customer care service on 017001000 and you can also visit their website on but their mobile App will serve you best.

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