How to activate DND on 9mobile

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    Have you ever been in the middle of a serious conversation and a message pops up on your screen indicating that you subscribe to a service? and sometimes it might not even be a message, it might be a call distracting you from the tides of life?

    By the time you pay attention and check you’re met with promotional advances from network providers.

    The Nigeria communication commission (NCC) provided a long-lasting solution to this by giving a directive in July 2016, to all telecommunication service in Nigeria to activate the Do not disturb (DND) service which gives customers the freedom to choose what messages they do or do not want to receive.

    9mobile, one of the telecommunication services in Nigeria also implemented the DND’s feature, and with this feature customers have the freedom to choose what messages they want to receive.

    The 9mobile’s DND service has two options which include the Partial DND and full DND.

    The partial DND gives customers the freedom to choose what services they want to receive, while the full DND gives customers the freedom to fully opt-out of all promotional services using their mobile phones.

    In this article, I will be providing you with a step by step guide on how to activate DND on your mobile phone


    To activate full DND on 9mobile, send HELP or STOP to 2442

    To activate the partial DND

    Simply send LIST to 2442, several categories will be displayed, choose the category that best suits your interest.

    To check your DND status on 9mobile
    Simply send STATUS to 2442.

    The DND service is totally free for all telecommunications service subscribers.
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