How to migrate MTN smooth talk (2021)


    Just a few persons know how to migrate to MTN smooth talk. If you are interested in knowing how to migrate to MTN smooth talk then this post is for you.

    What is MTN smooth talk?

    MTN smooth talk is one is an all tariff that was introduced many years ago as a means for MTN customers on the tariff plan to make cheap calls to other MTN users and users outside of the network.

    MTN smooth talk recently upgraded to MTN smooth talk plus which offer better options.
    It is not only the cheapest but also the oldest tariff packages of MTN.

    Since MTN repackaged the plan, more benefits have been added for users like free weekly data bonus, cheaper call rates, etc.

    The benefit of MTN smooth talk plus

    1. It grants users access to call at a cheap rate of 15 kobo per second.
    2. A bonus of 100% is being given after you recharge, and it expires after three days.

    Full Details Of MTN Smooth Talk Plus Plan

    1. As at 12:00am the very first day you migrate, the duration of all the National calls you make will be recorded.

    2. You will be charged at the rate of 40k/s for a minute call you make with a combination of both MTN to MTN calls and MTN to Other Networks.

    3. Your MTN-MTN calls and MTN to Other Networks will be charged at 15k/s once you make a total call of one minute.

    4. At 11:59pm the total duration of your call will be re-set to 00:00 minutes and the call rate of your national call returns to 40k/s.

    5. At 12.00am the following day (Day 2), your first call of a minutes will be charged at 40k/s. After this, you will be charged at 15k/s for the rest of the day for your MTN-MTN calls and MTN to Other Network.

    6. Calls to any of the four major telecommunication networks in Nigeria stands at a flat rate of 15k/secs

    7. There is no daily, weekly or monthly subscription fee attached to the plan, however for the first 60 seconds made at the start of each day, you are charged 40k/ secs at NGN 24.00 per minute.

    This is more interesting than the old plan where you get charged daily NGN5 whether you actively used the service or not.


    Migrating to MTN Smooth Talk Plus is absolutely free and does not require a long process.
    You migrate via SMS by simply texting 401 to 131.

    To migrate via USSD Code by simply dialing *401# you will get an instant message notifying you of a successful migration.

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