How To Get Fidelity Bank Token

    Fidelity Bank

    The Fidelity Bank soft token is a security system that confirms your identity and gives you access to your bank account.

    Technology has made it possible for people to perform and do various activities online. In the same vein, people can send money electronically to any part of the world through financial technology.

    What is Fidelity Token?

    The soft bank token is a security layer that gives you access to your bank account. This token allows the system to confirm if you are the real or original owner of the account and it allows you to carry out any transaction from the Fidelity Bank internet and mobile banking system.

    A lot of people encounter difficulty getting the Fidelity Bank soft token. In this article, we’ll provide you with a simple way to generate the fidelity bank soft token for your account transactions.

    Fidelity Bank OTP-One Time Password

    Most times, if you are purchasing a product online or making an online transaction, you will be prompted to enter your OTP (One Time Password). This OTP is sent to your phone via SMS, without it, the transaction will not be complete.

    How to get the Fidelity Bank soft token (mobile app)

    If you want to get the Fidelity Bank soft token, simply download the Fidelity Bank mobile app. The Fidelity Bank mobile app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Andriod devices respectively.

    You can generate dozens of tokens for various online transactions for purchasing airtime and data, money transfer, bill payment etc.

    Fidelity Token Price

    However, you’ll have to pay the sum of N1,500 + 5% VAT to activate the token for the first time. The payment is a one-time payment. After activating the OTP, it will be installed and re-activated for you for free.

    The Fidelity Bank Soft token helps to verify your transactions. A lot of customers prefer it over the Hard token because the hardware token can be lost or misplaced. For security purposes, you should learn to keep your token, do not reveal it to anyone.

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