How to cancel order on Konga in 2021


    In this guide, I will be showing you the simple and straightforwards steps you can follow to get orders canceled on is the second-largest eCommerce website not only in Nigeria also in Africa.

    The online shopping platform keeps a massive collection of products from home improvements goods, to foods, clothing, and electronics. Whatever it is you may want I’m sure it is available on Konga from any of thousands of vendors on the platform. since the inception of the multivendor online store Konga in Nigeria, it has attracted over 20 million buyers on the platform and made billions in sales of different categories of product.

    The company has some other services like the well-received KongaExpress, which is a delivery annex of the company, and also KongaPay a payment solution also by the company.

    At this point, we need to come back to the main business of the day, which is canceling orders on Konga.

    Usually, there are many tenable reasons customers or buyers on an online store may want to cancel the order, but whatever the reason, here is a simple step to go about it.

    Method 1: Steps to cancel an order on Konga

    Konga does not in any way put their customers in limitation, just like with any other online stores, customers can cancel their orders if they so wish before the fulfillment of the order.

    When you make orders on Konga, you will need to have a personal buyer account on the platform, where you can possibly manage your orders and track the progress of your orders.

    One of the many things you can do from your Konga account dashboard is canceling order, Konga makes it possible to be able to cancel your order, by a few clicks, but this is only when the orders have been shipped already by the company.


    1. Sign in to your Konga account
    2. Proceed to your order page,click on “My orders” it is usually near products you want to reject or cancel if you have more than a single product.
    3. Click on the menu to cancel your order

    Method 2: canceling Konga Order

    In a situation that the product has been shipped, the only way to cancel your order is to get a Konga operative on the line to help you cancel the order.

    Also, customers are allowed to reject orders, but to be on the safer side, it is always good to cancel your order before the order status reached “Order Dispatched”.

    Another possible method of canceling your order is through a service representative available on 08094605555 or 014605555.

    We have written a previous guide on how you can cancel your order on Jumia website.

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