How to borrow airtime and data from AirtelTigo

    Airtel Tigo

    Without doubt, the erstwhile Airtel and Tigo have formed a formidable partner (the moment they merged to become one) thereby becoming the second biggest telecommunication network provider in the whole of Ghana.

    There is no attribute you may be looking for in the network provider companies before you choose to use them that AirtelTigo doesn’t have. Their internet speed is jaw-dropping, they have affordable call rates with active customer care service among others.

    However, just like any other network provider, AirtelTigo also have a very nice “borrow me airtime or data” plans for their active users in need. As such, you may want to follow the steps below to borrow airtime and data from AirtelTigo Ghana.

    Steps to Borrow Airtime from AirtelTigo

    Step #1: Dial *588# for Tigo users and *130# for Airtel users.
    The first thing to do is to go to your phone dialer app and press *588# or *130# (for Tigo and Airtel users respectively) then send and wait for a pop up menu to show on your phone screen.

    Step #2: Select the amount
    After few seconds of dialing the USSD code, you’ll receive a pop up menu on your phone requesting you to choose the amount you desire to borrow.

    Step #3: Confirm the amount.
    After that, another menu will be displayed telling you to confirm the amount you chose in step 2 above. Check if you pick the right figure and kindly press 1 to do so.
    You’ll therefore receive a message form AirtelTigo confirming the transaction you just concluded.

    Steps to borrow data on AirtelTigo Ghana

    While AirtelTigo Ghana encompasses two distinct network providers, it’s vital you note that there are two different codes (depending on the Sim type) available on how to borrow data bundle too and the steps goes thus:

    Step 1: Dial *589# for Tigo SIM card and *554# for Airtel user.
    Just dial any of the codes above depending on the network company that produce your SIM card and wait for a pop up menu on your phone screen.

    Step 2: Choose your preferred bundle
    Once you clicked on send, another pop-up instruction will be shown asking you to choose your preferred data bundle on the AirtelTigo Ghana network.

    Step 3: Confirm the transaction
    After you must have pressed send, you’ll get the last pop up requesting you to check the data bundle you picked before confirming it. Once you’re satisfied with the chosen data bundle, kindly press 1 to confirm.
    And that’s all!

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