Google to retire link ads in March 2021

    When it comes to making money online, Google AdSense remains one of the most viable website monetization methods.

    But after 13 years, Google has decided to  crush the link ads format.

    Link unit ads format is one of the most popular AdSense ads format used by publishers (webmasters and blog owners) on their website to monetize.

    There are two basic ad format blocks available on AdSense, the link ads and the display ads.

    The Search Engine giant said:

    We’ve decided to retire link ads. This is to modernize our available ad formats, based on the feedback from users, publishers and advertisers. Going forward, we’ll be focussing on improving and developing other ad formats to help you grow.

    The tech giant further disclosed that immediately the link ads are cut off in March 2021. Users will not be able to create new link ads from their AdSense dashboard and that already created link units will be transformed automatically to display ads if they are responsive.

    They’ll also have a new name to them for publishers to understand that they are “[previously link ad unit]” as the new unt name.

    If the current link ads are fixed and not responsive, they will stop serving ads as announced , it may be that the ads are automatically collapsed or hidden from publishers’ websites entirely.

    This is coming not long ago when Google also killed it’s AdSense app for Android users.

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