Top 10 Freelance Job Sites for Students

    Top 10 Freelance Job Sites For Students

    It’s really a problem for freelancers, whenever they want to get a gig they have to hustle up for clients. This usually means they send out numerous messages in form of emails, social postings, and sometimes even run ads. Today, we share with you a round of some of the best platforms to get freelance jobs for Students.

    For a start-up freelancer with a little client base (email list or social followers), this can be really frustrating because after getting your word out there, conversion to paying clients can still be zero.

    A smart way to bypass this is using the already large community created by freelance platforms to search for clients. That way you can reach out to millions of employers with a single proposal, rather than sending numerous messages to clients, and using word of mouth marketing.

    Websites for Freelance Jobs for Students

    This article contains the best 10 freelancing platforms/websites that you as a freelancer can use to pitch out to millions of clients around the globe.


    This definitely comes first on the list because of the average number of deals concluded monthly. Fiverr currently averages over 50 million transactions in a month, spread across 850,000 freelancers in different categories.

    With active buyers/employers currently over 2.5 million, pitching your services here is sure to get you some level of the desired audience. Unlike other freelance platforms, Fiverr works 2-ways; buyers can post what they need, and sellers can also post what they offer while bids are made for of them.

    It is a freelancing platform that is used by numerous professionals like writers, web developers, SEO experts, programmers, graphics designers, videographers, translators, voice actors, etc.


    When talking about top freelance platforms a freelancer can use to get gigs, it is difficult to add up work in the conversation. This is one of the largest freelance market places out there with over 18 million freelancers bidding for jobs posted by 3 million buyers across in different categories.

    This is often considered as a saturated marketplace to search for jobs, but when you are good at pitching your services, this saturation somewhat dissolves. Using this freelance platform effectively basically relies on your pitching skills and flexibility in pricing.


    Freelancer is a platform that operates in a way similar to Upwork. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace, allowing buyers to post job offers, while sellers (freelancers) make bids for them. It is a great platform for freelancers that prefer to work remotely with their employers. The only downside, however, is the level of competition usually compels freelancers to reduce their pricing when bidding for gigs.


    AngelList is a platform that gives freelancers the opportunity to work with start-ups. For many, this an excellent platform for freelancers looking to grow their careers in the freelance space.

    Gigs are remote as you are in direct contact with founders, and the company managers. Choosing this platform means you should probably be prepared for contract-based services, as opposed to pay-on-delivery gigs.


    Toptal a name coined from “Top Talent” is a freelance platform that markets itself as a place employers and business owners can go-to source for the top 3% of talents around the globe.

    They surely are living up to the benchmark they’ve set for themselves, judging from reviews gotten from entrepreneurs who have used the platform. The screening process is very strict ensuring that employers get to choose from the best hands in any category.

    Toptal can be seen as a gold mine for approved freelancers, more of it due to the average, and entry-level pay is significantly better than popular freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork – entry-level pay per gig is $20, unlike Fiverr and Upwork with an entry-level pay of $5. If you consider your services top-notch, this is a freelance platform you should take seriously.


    The freelance community Guru clearly has its name explaining the classes of people that use it. Guru is a freelance platform created to be used by experts, and professionals, as opposed to most freelance sites where the community comprises, of both professionals, and raw talents, and hobbyists.

    This sense of professionalism clearly extends to the structure of job listings — jobs posted gives in detail what it entails, even up to pricing. Registered freelancers can bid for jobs, and submit proposals in their area of expertise.


    Hireable is one of the few freelance platforms that evens the playing field for freelancers around the globe. Ever tried searching for freelancers with a specific skill, and see results dominated by Americans, and Europeans?

    Well on hireable, this trend is not commonplace. It has all the standard features of a freelance website/platform; freelancers can apply for jobs as well, get job alerts in your registered category, as well as recommendations from past buyers you’ve worked with.


    ifreelance uses a somewhat unique approach in connecting employers with freelancers. Buyers/employers post their jobs on the freelance platform for free, while sellers/freelancers subscribe with a monthly of at least $7 (fee can increase depending on subscription benefits).

    Unlike freelance platforms that take a certain % after each completed gig, % earnings after each gig is credited to the freelancer. ifreelance is an ideal platform for freelancers who do high volume jobs, and takes freelancing as a full-time job because it gives a huge advantage on fees paid to freelance platforms after completed gigs.


    Flexjobs is an online freelance platform that pitches itself as a platform that provides freelancers with flexible job opportunities. Just like ifreelance, flexjobs allows employers to post jobs for free, while freelancers pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.95 to view jobs.

    This system of not charging employers significantly increases the number of jobs posted daily across all categories. If you are looking to go into the freelance world full-time, this is an excellent freelance platform to consider.

    Mechanical Turk

    MTurk the freelance platform owned by Amazon, promotes itself as a crowdsourcing marketplace that helps individuals and businesses outsource part of their processes/workloads to a workforce capable of performing the tasks virtually. Think of it as Amazon’s own version of Upwork or Fiverr, with a lesser charge rate on pay-per-task.

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