How to Enable Do Not Track (DNT) feature on Vivaldi Browser

    Vivaldi Do Not Track

    Vivaldi browser now has a new feature that made it possible for you to block websites from tracking you. The Do Not Track (DNT) is functionality or option that gives users a hundred percent control over their own privacy online.

    Activating DNT in your browser means that you’re sending requests to web browsers, devices (Android, iOS or Windows ) not to collect browsing data or track your activities online.

    How to activate Do Not Track feature on Vivaldi Browser

    1. Download the latest version of Vivaldi browser here.
    2. Look to  the top left-hand corner of your Vivaldi browser to find the V symbol,
    3. Click on tools once you find the symbol,
    4. Click on Settings or alternatively press Alt + P on your device’s Keyboard. Check the below image for tips to do it right.
    5. A new window on the left-hand menu will be displayed with several options,
    1. Find Privacy and click on that, on the right-hand tab under the privacy menu you will find the Do Not Track option, tick on Ask Websites not to track me.

    We hope with the given steps above you are able to enable Do Not Track on your Vivaldi Browser.  If you stumble on any complications whatsoever in the process, be sure to use the comment section to get help.


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