DSTV Explora Price in Nigeria Septemeber 2021


    Cable televisions in Nigeria have continued to unwrap different and unusual packages. When we expect less, Multichoice beats our imagination with the most fantastic cable TV decoder.

    Now, the latest and perhaps most advanced of them all is the DSTV Explora by Multichoice. In this post, we shall talk about the features, specs, and the price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria.

    The DSTV Explora is the Multichoice’s top decoder. This decoder is targeted at families and individuals who wish to drift their entertainment on the DSTV platform to the highest point. Thus it may not be surprising it has these superb qualities.


    Full Specification of DSTV Explora

    This advanced decoder by Multichoice has impressive specifications. It may tickle your fancy that the said decoder has the following specifications:

    1. Coax Cable: One coaxial cable for all tuners
    2. DSTV Explora Hard Drive Size: 2 Terabyte
    3. Catch Up Service Capacity: 220 hours of recording capacity
    4. Box Office Title: 20
    5. Ethernet Connection: IP network connection
    6. Software: Software will be downloaded during installation. There’s no prior loading of software
    7. Panel Buttons: 3 Front-panel buttons
    8. Fast Forward/Rewind Speed: Fast Forward and slow-motion at four speeds while the Rewind is three speeds.

    Features of DSTV Explora

    DSTV Explora, as already stated, occupies the top among the DSTV decoders available. It has come to be possible because of the fantastic features of the decoder. What are the features of DSTV Explora, which we are talking about? Now let’s find out:

    Recording Capability:

    In DSTV Explora, an in-built PVR exists. This allows you to record exciting programs for up to 220 hours. So if you still reminisce on those interesting discussions or perhaps those exciting sports moments.

    Another interesting point to note here is that you do not have to be on your TV before you can record the program.

    You can simply schedule recording remotely through the online TV guide or via the DSTV Now mobile app. But this will only be possible when your DSTV Explora is connected to the internet.

    DSTV Catch Up:

    Your daily activities may not allow you to sit before a television screen when your exciting programs are on. But not to worry, the DSTV Explora Cat Up feature got your back.

    With this feature activated, you will be able to get on the movies, shows, sports which you may have missed while you were away.

    Now you can catch up with your favorite movies and show at your convenience without you having the guilt of negligence.

    The Playlist Feature

    With the Playlist feature of DSTV Explora you will be able to organize all you have recorded. So those files do not have to look messy when you can group them according to what they are.


    The BoxOffice feature helps you break that boredom that may come in when you can predict the programs on the available channels.

    The BoxOffice, however, helps you rent any of the blockbuster movies available at that time.

    You will only be allowed to access these rented movies for a period of 48 hours.

    Instant Search

    The DSTV Explora is designed to make content discovery and navigation easier. With the Instant Search feature, you can locate the DSTV Catch Up, Box-office or the recorded programs with ease.

    All you need do is press the ‘Search’ button on the remote control when in any of the above sections. The Explora, therefore, displays the search results and you will kindly navigate to the one you seek.

    High Definition Viewing

    The DSTV Explora does not fail to give you a crystal clear viewing experience. This is possible through its HD viewing features (you can view in 720p HD or 1080i HD).

    HD viewing, however, is available on some DSTV packages and it is not all channels that provide HD viewing.

    Current Price of DSTV Explora in Nigeria (September 2021)

    In Nigeria, DSTV Explora decoder can be bought at any standard electronics store. They can also be gotten at Konga and Jumia, or any of the online stores.

    The price of DSTV Explora decoder in Nigeria ranges from N70, 000 to N80, 000.

    DSTV Channels

    BBC Brit
    Africa Magic Yoruba
    Africa Magic
    Africa Magic Igbo
    Magic World
    Food Network
    ITV Choice
    Zee World
    SuperSport Channels
    Comedy Central
    MNET City
    National Geographic (Nat Geo)
    Cartoon Network
    MNET Movies Premiere
    BBC News
    Sky News
    MNET Africa HD
    Africa Magic Showcase HD
    MNET Movies Action+ HD
    Studio Universal HD (formally Hallmark and Universal Channels)
    Discovery Channel HD
    Universal TV
    1Magic HD
    CNBC Africa
    WWE Channel HD
    SuperSport BLITZ
    NTA International
    Fox Life
    Africa Magic Hausa
    Channel O
    E! Entertainment
    Africa Magic Epic
    MNET Movies Smile HD
    TBN, etc.

    Packages & Bouquets

    • DSTV Premium
    • DSTV Confam
    • DSTV Yanga
    • DSTV Padi
    • DSTV Compact
    • DSTV Compact Plus


    What’s the next step now when you have known the DSTV Explora specs, features and price in Nigeria? Go get it?

    I think that’s your decision anyway. Perhaps you already have the experience of DSTV Explora, what do you like most about it? Tell us in the comment section.

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